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Spent some time scribbling in my art journal. It feels good to just doodle and color and add water and color and doodle some more. No agenda. No rules. Just playing around and enjoying the act of creating. I've slowly been cutting back on my design team work, teaching, and other artistic obligations over the past few months. Not because I don't enjoy them, because I do. But because I found I wasn't experimenting and playing anymore -- just doing work. I'm currently on a mission to explore. I'm loving having the little bit of extra space in my life... Read more →

Pencil Lines Sketch number 211: I was very much inspired by the grid in the background. Really, Julie? How on earth were you inspired by the grid? I don't see it here! Well, I'm so glad that you asked! I started thinking about that grid and it made me think of paper weaving. Then the paper weaving made me think about the spots of color that would make up the squares in the grid if I wove paper together. Then those spots of color turned round. Then I decided they needed to be punched up with color and voila! The... Read more →

I find myself less and less interested in scrapping events and more and more interested in telling the little every day stories. You know, the stories that seem silly and boring and have no photos, or sad little low quality pics? Yeah, I love those. Those are the things that make up a life, aren't they? A silly iphone photo of John in the elevator with a million shirts. But the ritual of taking shirts to the cleaners is definitely part of our lives. And now it's all recorded for posterity, right? So let's take a peek at the details... Read more →

Join me today at 2pm EST for a class on how to make these awesome necklaces: Looking for a fabulous last minute gift? Or maybe you need something amazing to wear to a holiday party tonight? We’ve got you covered! Join Julie as she shows you how simple it is to put together, not one, but TWO fabulous crocheted flower necklaces in just two hours! Class is at 2pm EST. If you've never been to a Live With Prima broadcast, here's what you need to know: There is a live chat as the class is being taught. You can ask... Read more →