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I'm away in France for 10 days.  While I'm gone, I have a whole bunch of fun posts for you.  Here is today's....

There are so many talented scrapbookers out there.  I wanted to share a few that I love and admire.  Here is a roundup of the messy, painty, misty, and super duper creative scrapbookers whom I just can't get enough of:

Name: Dina Wakley
Blog: Ponderings

In My Opinion: She's the queen of clever and creative pages that mix acrylic paint and machine stitching.  Her misting is always fabulous and her handwriting makes me jealous.  I love her richly colored pages with clever uses of embellishments.  She always makes me look at my supplies a second time.  Love that!

Name: Jill Sprott
Blog: Use Your Words

Beautiful Z by Jill S
In My Opinion
: She is a genius with mist.  She mixes brightly colored patterned papers like no one else.  Her pages are totally free and yet ordered.  I don't know how she does it!  And she has divine handwriting that I'd like to steal!  I also adore her use of little scraps of patterned paper.  And take the time to read her journaling (and her blog).  She's a lovely writer!

Name: Debee Campos
Blog: Art as Life

April 24th
In My Opinion
: She had me at "hello."  The layout above is the very first one of hers that I ever saw and my jaw literally dropped open.  There is nothing she does that I don't love, love, love.  She is the master of the artful paint droplet.  Lots of tiny photos and white space and black ink droplets to be found on her pages.  I love her sense of design.  You can definitely see the graphic designer in each perfect page!

Name: Louise Nelson
Blog: An Uninterrupted View

In My Opinion
: She is the master of white space.  She rocks kraft cardstock and 8.5x11 like no other.  She is creative and clever and blows my socks off every time with her innovative ideas and amazing texture!  A true original.

Name: Anja Wade
Blog: A Pocketful of Licorice

The gris1
In My Opinion: She one of the newer additions to my must-read blog list.  I don't know how I missed her for so long!  She has a unique design voice and puts things together in such quirky and fun ways.  I love her hand cutting and how she makes not-great photos look awesome!

Name: Michelle Clement
Blog: Scissor Quirk

In My Opinion: Lots of layers, walnut ink, intense colors, and just layouts you can stare and stare at.  I don't know how she manages to pus so much on a layout and yet have you stare directly at the photo!  She's the creative genius behind Sassafras Lass' new Mix and Mend line -- an easy way for us all to embrace our inner Michelle!

Name: Vee Jennings
Blog: Creative Blessing

Style files recorded: day two
In My Opinion: She rocks the mini albums!  She also does great things with mist in general.  Her pages are so free and without any sort of rules.  Love how she creates with abandon and gets such awesome results!

Name: Ronda Palazzari
Blog: Help Me Ronda
CD Sept No
In My Opinion
: Ronda makes pages that you can stare at for hours.  Lately she's been doing these pages with string that just make me crazy (in a really good way).  She is a layering master and uses paint in such fun and effective ways.  I love all of her hand cutting and stitching too!  And stamping!  Man, this girl knows how to incorporate stamps into a layout!

Name: Nathalie Kalbach
Blog: Scrapbook Trends
In My Opinion
: Nat wins the prize for Miss Congeniality.  She is the single nicest person on the planet, no hyperbole.  We share a love of technique and paint and ink and I just adore her.  I wish she would move a little bit closer than Germany, though.  Love her bright colors!

Name: Kaori
Blog: Harmonie

In My Opinion
: Every single page she makes I'm in love with.  So many fabulous details!  Just awesome, awesome, awesome.  My one complaint is that for some reason the photos on her blog don't always show up for me.  And that is pure torture!  I want to see everything she does!  But I am blown away by her clever uses of transparency and translucency.  Love her stuff!

Name: Caroline Rondel
Blog: Grrlscrap by Lilith

It's a long way to happiness
In My Opinion: Caroline is the newest add to my blog roll.  And Oh.  My.  God.  She is amazing!  I stumbled across her blog about a week ago and just started drooling!  Everything she does is jaw droppingly fabulous!  She uses a lot of white space, tons of art mediums, and just ignores all the rules! I love it!

Don't see your favorite?  Don't worry!  Tomorrow I've got a list of scrapbookers who rock the scissors!