Pencil Lines: Sketch 213
Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop, Week 3: Geeking Out On Jane

Painted Felt

Man, it takes a lot of paint to cover felt.  That stuff is so super absorbant!

The felt gates (the big white scrolly part on the right side of the layout) used to be a dark brown.  I painted them white and it took several coats!  I took two identical gates and put one right side up and the other one upside down.  The large photo covers the seam.

The center of the layout is pieced together from two scraps.  The title covers that seam.

The "all" is hand cut.  The "made" is flocked alphabet stickers from Prima.  They're such an awesome size!

You can see that I stashed some pearls underneath each of the flowers.  It just adds a tiny bit more texture and shine to the layout!

All in all, I'd say that I was very restrained.  Barely used any paint.  Well, I used a lot to color the gates, but other than that, none at all.  I like experimenting with different styles and techniques and not always having everything look like the same thing, or even variations on the same theme.  For me, invention is half the fun of the game!  What can I do that's different?  Or unexpected?  Or just outside of my comfort zone?

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