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Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop, Week 2: Rubik's Cube Card

This is week #2 of the Sizzix Blog Hop!  Over 60 designers are participating in the hop!  (All posts should be live by noon EST.)

This week we worked with the Cube, Twist 3-D (Pop Up) by Karen Burniston.

This is the sample image from the Sizzix website:

I forgot to take a "before" picture, but essentially the cube is made up of five pieces that you adhere together.  You put a rubber band inside to make sure it pops up.  Each of the designers in the blog hop received the five pieces cut from black cardstock.

I called my Mom to brainstorm about what the cube could be.  We came up with everything from a robot to a turkey to an oven.  But I finally settled on a rubik's cube.  Check out my card:

I painted the scrambled cube on the front, along with the sentiment.

When you open the card you see the "solved" cube all folded up.

When you twist it up it looks like this:

It's attached to the card with a brad so it spins around and you can see all of the colored sides:

Super fun, right? 

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