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Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop, Week 4: No Fear Heart

I'm away in France for 10 days.  While I'm gone, I have a whole bunch of fun posts for you.  Here is today's....

I can hardly believe that it's already week four of the Sizzix Blog Hop!  This week we were challenged to use the Frame and Frame Back with Stand die.

Here are the pieces I received cut from white matboard:

Here's the example from the Sizzix website:

And here's what I made:

I sparked up the frame with some gesso, glue, and paint to create the look you see here.  Here's a closer peek:

I love the antique look of the frame!  The heart is an old paint rag that I stitched up and stuffed.  I made the "arrow" from a wooden skewer and a feather I had been hoarding for a month or two!

You can see that the feather and the skewer are lashed together with embroidery floss.

Overall a very fun project!  The rest of the blog hop posts should be up by noon EST.  You can hop to the next blog by clicking the "forward" button in the center column of my blog. ---->

Thanks for stopping by!