Upcycled Treat Bag
Christmas Button Tree

A Fabric and Paper Garland

Day one was pretty awesome, huh? 

I was blown away by Valerie's cookies.  Her post had me searching my grocery store for gel food colorant (they didn't have it - boo).  My Mom says that we can make the cookies at her house closer to Christmas.  I can't wait to paint up some cookies! 

And Lolly had me giggling about her missing cookies!   Definitely sounds like the kind of thing that would happen around here!  Plus, I love her use of embellishments!  I'm often stuck on how to use those "cutesy" types of embellishments since I don't scrap that way.  I love her idea of putting them on a treat bag! 

I was totally inspired by Jamie's simple paper loop garland.  I remember making those as a kid out of construction paper and tape.  I would have loved to have had fancy paper and punches to play with to make them!  And even though there are no kids around here, I sat down and made a garland for myself today. I changed up the process a bit.  Check it out:

I cut up strips of paper with scissors.

I placed some strips of fabric onto the strips...

...and then stitched them down.  I went for messy stitching and even made some ruffles along the way!

I think you'll be able to see that I had a lot of fun making my garland:

I love the way it turned out with all the color and texture of the fabric!  When stitching something like this, don't forget to lengthen your stitch length.  It helps make the paper and fabric go together more quickly and much more easily!

Thanks for stopping by!  A new tutorial is coming your way in just a few hours!