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Holidays Handmade: Quick Gifts

If you need a last minute gifts, here are some ideas for things that you can make in just a few hours - some even more quickly than that!

Weekly Planner from Etsy Labs

Watch the video below to find out how to turn this...

...into a fabulous little weekly planner book.

If you follow this link you can download the file above at a printable size in a .pdf format!


Fantastic, easy to follow instructions at "The Craftivist Shakedown."  And if you don't like skulls, you can substitute flowers or hearts or cupcakes!


If you've got a pair of tights with holes, it's time to make this necklace!  This tutorial from "Smaggle Style" turns a torn pair of tights into a good thing!

Cookies + Crafting

Picture 2
Fantastic idea from the Making Memories blog on using die cuts as templates for cookie decoration!  What a lovely gift to give.  Yum!

Artsy Holiday Card

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Simple and gorgeous technique for making this wonderful card from Louise Nelson via the Aussie Scrap Source blog.  Love it!

Pocket Photo Cards

Cards st03
Also via the Aussie Scrap Source blog, this time from Sue Tonga, are these adorable pocket photo cards.  Wouldn't it be a nice gift to give a stack of them to a friend with an empty place for the photo and the friend could glue in his/her own photo?

Stamped Ribbon

This last idea isn't really a gift per se.  Though I suppose you could make a few yards of the ribbon to give as a gift to a crafty friend.  But it was too fun an idea not to include, so I had to put in on the list!  As you can guess from the title, Ez's idea is to stamp on ribbon.  She shares how to carve a stamp to decorate your ribbon, but you could certainly just use the ones you have around.

3 Ideas for Hambly Rub Ons

3 totally brilliant ideas for how to use rub-ons for super quick gifts.  Don't you love this tree with the bows?  Genius!

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