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Inspiration is a Circle

I *love* it when people e-mail me pictures of projects that I inspired them to make.  First, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!  Second, I am always impressed by the improvements that they make on my projects!  Inspiration really is a circle.  I inspire you, you inspire me, I inspire you...and it just keeps going and going!  Love that!

Here are a few of the amazing projects that people have shared with me recently:


What a gorgeous canvas!  Love it to death!  Nicole was inspired by a segment I did on Scrapbook Memories TV.  (My original instructions are here.)  I love the water splats that she used all over her background.  I'm definitely going to have to incorporate some water splats into a project!  Love the look!


8okt2010 012
What an incredible book!  Stine was inspired by my "Live With Prima" Grafitti Doodle Album.  You can watch the recorded show here.  Stine didn't have an acrylic album, so she simply painted on a regular one.  Love the results!  Beautiful layers of paint...yum.  I like the stamping that was incorporated (at least I assume that's an alphabet stamp up top).  And I like how she tipped some of her rectangles.  I'm going to have to try that the next time I'm playing with patterns!


Step 10
Jennifer was inspired by Holidays Handmade!  She has step-by-step photos of her process in creating this wonderful holiday canvas!  I love how she only doodled scallops along the top of her canvas and not the entire border!  I'm definitely going to steal that one!  And the subtle doily background is so totally gorgeous!  I love it!


Inspired by the Snowflake in a Frame tutorial from Holidays Handmade, Gio made these fabulous frames!  I love the cascading leaves -- I'm wondering what material she used -- they look so shiny and metallic?  Wouldn't they make great earrings?  And how much do I love the strung beads in the middle of the frame?  What a great ornament that makes now!  Or just something pretty to embellish a page with!  Lovely idea!  (P.S. If you go to her post you'll also see the most awesome canvas houses!)

If you ever lift a layout or use even part of a tutorial, I would love, love, love to see it!  I think the happiest mail I get is when people share something lovely they've made!

Thanks for stopping by!