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That's a Really Hard Challenge

I don't think of myself as someone who uses a ton of product on my pages.  When I saw Laura's challenge to complete a page using only 1-2 products (photos and cardstock don't count), I thought I'd give it a try.

Um, hard.

Very hard.

And I totally failed.

Besides the cardstock and the photo I used:

  1. Paint (gesso and watercolor, but I'm counting "paint" as one item)
  2. White Pen
  3. Stamp & Ink (again, I guess this is two items, but I'm calling it one)
  4. Do you think I have to count the lace paper I used as a stencil for the background?  Probably.

Four isn't bad.  (Even six, if you're really counting isn't bad).  But it's certainly not 1-2.  But in the end I decided that I wanted to like the layout, not just fulfill the challenge, you know?  And I *do* like the layout.  So it's not a total failure!

Check out the details:

Even though some of the lace paper stuck and made the "stenciling" look sloppy, I love the way the background turned out.

This triangle stamp was sitting on my desk, leftover from this tutorial.  I couldn't help using it on this layout.  It just seemed so right.

I reverted to an old favorite technique of mine -- used to use it on 90% of the layouts I did: I outlined my painted words with a white pen.  I still like the way it looks!

So what do you think?  Could you do a layout and only use 1-2 products?

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Random12 This has been a fabulous week on your blog Julie! I have enjoyed everyday! It is amazing how many talented people are willing to share their ideas and techniques with others! The SHARING is what I liked best! Thanks everyone and special thanks to Julie!!!

Posted by: Carol E | December 13, 2010 at 10:37 AM

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