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Thank you for Saturday!

A Headband Hat

So Prima has a ton of new products this season.  Not just new lines, but totally new products!  One of their new adventures is headbands!  And they asked each of us design team gals to create a cool headband for CHA. 

Here's mine:

Okay, so I went a little overboard.  I'll admit it.  I'm pretty sure I was just meant to glue some flowers to it.  But I couldn't help myself!

I made a tiny top hat from some felt.

And here's a quick tip: when figuring out how to make something, like this top hat, experiment with scrap paper.

I use old scripts and that way I can cut and tape and just figure out the logistics before I get too involved.  Especially since I'm not much of a measurer, this helps me ascertain the relational sizing of everything.

Anyway, back to the hat!  I had a good time decorating it with lots of new Prima goodies and a fun little veil!

Here's a look at the headband without a head in it so you can see how it's attached at a jaunty angle:

Pretty  cool, right?  I'm definitely going to find a fun occasion to wear this hat out once it comes back from CHA!

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P.S. I will be teaching how to create a headband hat like this one through Live with Prima on February 21 at 8pm EST!  If you've never been to a Live with Prima broadcast, it's completely FREE and online at  Hope to see you there!