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Valentine's Day Inchie Cards

A Little Love on Sunday

Us Prima girls were asked to make Valentines.  I tried.  But I stink at making cards.  So my Valentine morphed into this layout:

My sister-in-law and her husband.  They're too cute, right? 

But after staring at the layout for a few days I just started to hate it.  I haven't had any scrapbook mojo lately and I felt like it really showed in this layout. 

But then I thought, "Maybe I'm being too harsh." 

So I skyped my Mom and showed it to her. 

She said, "I hate it.  It's terrible."

Thanks, Mom. 

She went on, "That lump on the right is terrible and get rid of that hideous blue flower!"

I had to agree with her.  So I hung up and ripped the layout apart.  Here's the new version:

Better, I think.
By the by, I get asked a lot about stitching through chipboard letters.  It's very easy, you just go slowly and change your needle (because of the adhesive) afterwards.  (P.S. It's possible that my new online class will have some video tutorials on sewing through things like chipboard!  ;) )

Anyway, let's look at the details of some of the changes to the layout:

Above is the old top cluster.  Below is the new top cluster.

Essentially I covered up the heart with some of the lace from the old clump.  I wanted the focus to be on the pink painted heart and not divided by other smaller hearts.

Above is the clump and blue flower.  Below is the new revised flower.

I ended up using a combination of spray ink and acrylic paint to change the blue flower to a red one.

I added this cluster at the bottom of the layout (along with the red strips at the top and bottom of the layout).  It is made up of pieces I cut off of the clump that was to the right of the photo.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, sometimes you need time to see the problems in a piece of artwork. (And a super honest friend doesn't hurt!) And it's okay to rip stuff apart and Frankenstein it back together!  The hardest part is letting go of an idea you loved.  I had this notion of some sort of romantic layered Valentine sitting right next to the photo, but it just looked like an ugly clump.  I had to let it go.

Hope you have a great Sunday!