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Art Journal Every Day: Finding the Words

ArtJournalEveryDayLogo-150 This week I asked the very talented Sasha Holloway to share her art journaling journey.  She is always very honest and raw in what she writes and shares on her blog, and I know it's not easy for all of us to be that way.  I thought it would be interesting to learn a little bit about how she does it!

(If you're new to Art Journal Every Day, all the posts can be found here.  Please read this post first.  There is a flickr group for sharing right here.  You can sign up for February here.  Remember, it's just ten minutes of nourishing your creative self every day!  No need to finish anything or even like it.  Just play!)

Why do I journal?

I am asked so many times what is the point of journaling and what is the point of putting your feelings out when you will never share it with anyone? I guess for me it is not about other people and what they think.  Journaling was always an outlet, my escape and what I needed in order to get by and hide what was going on in my life.  I have been journaling since the 6th grade and when I look back at all I have written over the years, the bad thoughts outweigh the good. I was molested by family and friends and abused physically by my father and certain relatives for 9 years of my life. I hid in my journal and often was beat for having the thoughts I had and/or proof of what was going on.  I had no friends to share things with, teachers to believe me, or a mom I could turn to. I was raised in a military environment, with both parents being active duty, and my supposed best friend, my mom, well, she was never there. So my journal was my best friend, confidante, and lifesaver.

How is it so easy for you to share so many secrets?

I find it easy because it is truth and I am writing from my heart.  Being in the military for so many years on my own and coming into contact with so many different walks of life I have learned to just go with it.  I think that so many people are afraid of what others will think and judge them for what has happened to them in their past and present, but at the end of the day WE are the ones that are holding on to what is inside and killing our spirits slowly.  I share because I know that I am not alone.  I share and write my thoughts on my blog and in my journal because it gets it off of my chest and each time I say something, anything...I feel like I have lost 20lbs from my soul.

It is so easy to sit back and judge women in my situation or with a past like mine when you are on the outside looking in but what you fail to realize is it take a lot of COURAGE to even put it down. As we are journaling it ourselves some of us are thinking how dirty, how dare we allow that to happen, we are filthy humans to allow such awful dirty things to happen.  Did we really want it? Did we really like it? The answer to those questions is a resounding’s just we had no VOICE back then.  It was not heard and it was not allowed to be heard, but now use your journaling via written or with art to SCREAM loud and clear with your creative VOICE. It does not have to be pretty just get it out.

How did you start Art Journaling?

I started art journaling last year and slowly got more involved in it after following people like Teesha Moore, Lucy Edson, Suzi Blu, and others, and learning that scrapbooking was not going to be my only creative way to play with paper and paints. I am not a painter by any means but it really helps to just get creative without caring what other think. YouTube really helped me get started as far as learning what supplies to use and ways I can incorporate my feelings using color. I have a strong new love for misting, bubble wrap, gesso, rub-ons, acrylic paints and cardboard now. I love buying sketchbooks that are blank and just doing my own decorating on them.

Where should I start?

I suggest that you start from where you are in your life today.  If you feel like drifting back, go right ahead. I would, from my personal opinion, say not to go with a theme. I personally like to flip pages and see that each one is different and reflects what I was feeling that day and/or had on my mind. I love to mess up pages in advance. If you get some paint on one page, no worries, just let that start the creative juices for the next day you decide to wreck your journal with your feelings and thoughts. There are so many blogs and YouTube videos out there to give you plenty of inspiration and ideas. Just remember it is okay to be inspired, but try not to copy exactly what someone else has done and claim it as your own.  People journal for different reasons and have different emotions behind it, so at least make sure your journaling is genuine -- from YOU, not from someone else’s thoughts.

I am afraid I am not as good as the person I am inspired by.

Who cares how it looks in that book. The most important thing is to get it out. We have so many people that inspire us day-to-day. So many people have their own way of being creative and it all comes out differently. Even twins have a different take on things. No one is out there to judge you and tell you that you should have used yellow paint versus red paint. Just truly take it one day and step at a time and go with your gut and HAVE FUN. Start by telling yourself you had a great day, or talk about your favorite quote, or just what your kids did to make you smile. Are you planning a wedding and you feel like a bridezilla...take it out on your journal and not others...woke up in a bad mood and you just need some you time...grab your journaling and write or paint away...just relax, create and you will be amazed at what YOU are capable of...besides how do you know that YOU right now are not inspiring someone in your own right. SO JUST DO IT.

Thank you so much Julie for having me today it has been a pleasure and honor. I hope that you guys get a good insight into my thought process and why I am so free on my blog. I know a lot of people worry about those things and are so afraid of putting themselves out there for their own personal reasons. But that is just it, go for it...type, write and paint it out...NO FEAR.

Textureskin About Sasha:

  • I currently reside in the United Kingdom with my husband and 2 boys
  • I think the Monopoly Deal card game is the best invention ever
  • I have 3 favorite colors and all surrounded by my Georgia Bulldogs
  • I misuse words like: its, it's, their, they're and there
  • I have recently retired some combat boots
  • I am debuting a blog for women, men and teens suffering from abuse and incest in April
  • I call home Atlanta, Georgia and when I am bored I grab a coloring book.