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Valentine's Day Inchie Cards

I have an ongoing crafty problem: I cannot make cards.

I just can't.

I have no card mojo at all.

However, I have found a clever workaround!

Lisa from Inchie Arts sent me a package bursting at the seams with wonderful Inchie Arts products! 

But before I get into that, let's discuss what inchies are, in case you don't know.  Inchies are 1"x1" pieces of art.  Tiny, tiny little treasures!  Twinchies are 2"x2" pieces of work.  And they feel huge after working on an inchie!

Inchie Arts makes mat board squares (black, white, and in 5 neutral tones) in 1", 1.5" and 2" sizes.  I received a wonderful assortment of them plus some small cards and envelopes called "Inchie Notes."  Can you already visualize my solution to my inability to make cards?

Basically, I made a bunch of inchies and twinchies and whatever you call that in-between size, and glued them onto the cards!  Check it out:

I used a Sakura Pigma Micron to draw the designs and my Sakura Glaze Pens to color them in.

This is a twinchie and I used watercolor crayons to create the big heart.  The mat board squares are really wonderful.  They take dry and wet media.  Don't wrinkle or peel.  They stood up to the heat gun really well.  And lots of layers.  I'm definitely a fan.

This is a decorated inchie on top of a 1.5" black square.  I used a Sakura Pen Touch Gold Paint Pen to create the dashes on the black mat board.

Did this one the same way I did the first card with the four inchies.  Pigma Micron and then Glaze pens.

And there you have it!  A collection of little tiny Valentine's Day cards!

Thanks for stopping by!