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While I Was Supposed to be Packing

On Saturday I went to an all-day crop with the Manhattan Scrapbookers.  Going to a crop means packing.  I *detest* packing for a crop.  Plus I find it fairly impossible.  I always want to take my sewing machine, typewriter, and every single paint and spray I own.  Living in New York with no car means you just can't take it all with you!  Plus cropping means that I have to pre-print my photos and *gasp* that is just not the way I'm used to doing it!  Well, somewhere in the midst of trying to decide what to bring and what photos to print I started to play with the supplies on my desk and this layout sort of happened:

I worked on it in little bits as I was packing and soon enough it all came together.  I think it's a good example of why reorganizing your space really helps you get creative.  Sometimes it's the simple act of fingering my supplies that inspires me to create!

I'm pleased to say that my mojo was cracking all day long and I managed to get several projects done at the crop that I really like!  But that, my friends, is a story (and a blog post) for another day...!

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