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Art Journal Every Day: Sign Up for March

ArtJournalEveryDayLogo-150 It's that time again!  A brand new month and a brand new chance to jump on the Art Journal Every Day bandwagon! If you're new to this project, it's about getting creative every day.  Whether you've art journaled for years or don't even know what an art journal is, you can jump right in at any time.  And if you miss a day or even ten days, that's totally cool.  This project is not about guilt or "should haves" -- it's about giving yourself the gift of ten minutes of creativity as much as possible.  (I haven't art journaled in three or four days and that's awesomely fine!)

But before I give you the linky list to sign up, I thought I'd point out a few of the awesome art journal pages I spotted in the Art Journal Every Day flickr pool!



Love that she used a fortune from a fortune cookie! 

elvie studio


Simple and beautiful drawing! 


I love the combination of the rose drawing and the handwritten thoughts.

Journal Artista


Love that big pink flower.  Super gorgeous!  And how divine is that stamp set?  I want it!



Love the background, the scroll stencil, the polka dot tea cup -- the whole thing is awesome-tastic!

Marit's Paper World

Marit What's just stunning to me is how she made nature into a city skyline.  It's amazing!



The texture on this spread just has me getting closer and closer to the computer screen to see it up close!

onfoot4now (Didi)


Tattoo that title on your brain and live by it.

Pinay New Yorker


I cannot even fathom the time that must have taken to doodle all of that! Gorgeous!


The bright colors are delicious!  Makes me long for Spring even more!

And now, it's time for you to sign up for March!

I'll have another post up in a few hours!