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It's Sew Easy Starts Today

Today is the first day of my new online class It's Sew Easy!  And I'm sew excited!

I've been thinking about teaching this class for a long time.  And really, I have to thank Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine.  When I was named one of the five finalists in the "mixed media stitch" category of their Artisan of the Year contest, it really gave me a big confidence boost.  Almost immediately this class bounced from the "someday" category into the "right now" one and I am so glad! 

Detail1-sm(a detail photo of a project from class)

I've had a lot of fun putting together the eighteen videos and .pdfs for class.  Learned a lot about Final Cut Express, LiveType, and InDesign in the process.  As well as cameras, tripods, and lighting.  This is definitely the most ambitious online class I've ever tried to teach because it's not just techniques, it's projects.  And each project has so many smaller techniques within it...from a purely technical point-of-view it's ginormous!  Instead of having one overhead camera shot, it's twenty-five shots: ironing, cutting, sewing, painting, close-up, far away, etc.  (Plus I really underestimated the learning curve jump from iMovie to Final Cut Express.  Worth it, but so painful.)

FinalCutScreenshot (screenshot from Final Cut Express)

If you've ever taken an in-person class with me, you know that I don't give out printed instructions.  There are a lot of reasons, but one of them is that so much of what I teach is about allowing yourself to follow your own artistic inspiration and not be bound by rules or measurements.  So this has been an interesting experience to push myself to combine precise written instructions with an encouraging voice that stresses the importance of individuality.  I've always been a fan of teaching people the theory behind my artistic decisions so that they can make their own decisions instead of simply copying mine.  I find it a bit more complicated to do that in writing rather than verbally.

Sampleinstructions (first two pages of a .pdf download for a class project)

But I'm pleased to say that I think I've succeeded!  Of course the true test will be the feedback from the students today.  I'll admit that I'm half terrified and half exuberantly excited!  As you know, anything you've anticipated for a long time gets super duper butterflies-in-the-stomach nerve wracking just before it happens!  Wish me luck, will you?!