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Prima Layouts for CHA

I'm so happy with Prima's new release from CHA.  Gorgeous stuff!  Here are the layouts I made to be displayed in their booth:


Is that a  hilarious photo, or what?

New Prima masks (blue Copic airbrush used) and fab new crystals.

I'm pretty thrilled with these new numbers and letters from Prima.  Hint: a tiny squeeze bottle of multi-medium makes the letters stick forever and is easy to use, no mess!

I airbrushed the flowers yellow.  They were originally kind of taupe-y.

Mr. and Mrs. Villegas

I don't often do a layout without journaling, but the title and the pic seemed to say it all!  (Funny story: to get these photos I had to go out in the snow -- see the snow lurking to the left and right of the layout?!)

A beautiful new Prima vine embellished with some extra flowers (love those pre-beaded flowers) and some awesome woven leaves (new faves of mine).  P.S.: Those taupe-y flowers?  Those are the ones I airbrushed yellow in the previous layout!

The background of the layout is a Prima Mist-able.  The pattern pops through a thorough dousing of Glimmer Mist!

Awesome letters again in that fabulous teal color!  Yum!

This may be my favorite part of this layout.  I constructed the fabulous lace frame from a variety of lace pieces.  Love that tea dye color, just to die for!

The Best Part

Another layout without journaling?! 

Nope!  Fooled you!  I created a little flip open card so that I could have lots and lots of journaling!

I went punch crazy on this layout layering butterflies and scallops and flowers with lots of foam adhesive.  Inked and painted edges and these crazy new tiny flowers.  They're some sort of hard plastic/clay-like substance.  But very cool!

New page pebbles that come with that little metal flower on top of them!

These new crochet button centers are so on trend!  Everything knitting/crochet and granny is sweeping the internet!

Super Smart Nerd

This is another tale of one layout emerging from the ashes of another.  I made this...

...and it just didn't work.  So I turned it into this...

...which I really like 100% more!  I love how the photo turned out in both versions!

I sanded the background of the photo, painted it, and then typed up my journaling right on the photo!

As for the letter stickers, they were originally a pale pink.  For the first layout I painted them white.

Then I painted them orange.

SuperSmartNerd-letterspainted (in progress)

SuperSmartNerdDetail3-sm (on the finished layout)

The canvas flowers...

...are cut from a sheet of Prima's new mist-ables.  It's a whole sheet of flower patterns, you mist them and cut them out.  Then I added the cool new orange and yellow hard flowers to the centers.

One of the tags from the first layout got white washed, ripped, and embellished with some orange lace and a little butterfly!

Over the Edge

I think this might be my favorite of the bunch.  (Have I said that already?  I tend to love each new layout as I create it!)  *And* it's a Prima heavy layout without a single flower!  Wow!

My new favorite leaves in the whole world!  Yum!  Love the little stitched ruffles and boy, did they soak up the paint!

I used two different brand new Prima masks on this layout.  This is one of them.  The other design is along the bottom edge and a bit harder to see quite so clearly.  I need to get more Charcoal mist.  Wish I could find a *black* mist that looked like spray paint....

A peek at the awesome-tastic texture, stitched down alphas, new electric blue lace, and those awesome sequin button center things!  I didn't think I was going to like them at first, but now that I've used them, they really are fab!


This layout definitely stays in that artsy fartsy land.

I painted the letters yellow, used stamps, masks, and created lots of texture!

I used the same flowers from "Super Smart Nerd" but painted an actual flower outline on them.  And I had fun doodling a frame around the photo.  Going to have to do a lot more of that!


One final layout to share.  And it's a pretty simple and restrained one.

To create the frame around the photo I traced one of Prima's new maks (resizing to 4x6 as needed), colored it with watercolor paint, and then cut it out.

This ribbon is one of those things that I wanted to hoard instead of use on my scrapbook page.  It's so gorgeous and this photo does not do it justice!  Two layers of tattered and ruffled fabric with a line of fabulous rhinestones down the center.  Delish!


Whew!  That was quite a marathon of layouts!  Hope you enjoyed peeking at them all!

Thanks for stopping by!