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The Bug Quilt

Happy Thursday!

I'm shockingly busy these days.  But that's the way I *love* it, so I really can't complain!  I'm heading for Cleveland this weekend.  I'll be on the set of Scrapbook Soup (can't wait to see the new set!) all next week.  I'm hoping to blog from the road, but we'll see how that goes....

In the meantime here is a quilt I completed recently (isn't my Mom so cute being a human quilt holder?):

I say completed because I made most of it about two years ago when one of my best friends had a baby.  It's for her son, who is now two.  She came to town recently and her visit compelled me to finish up the project.  A bug quilt seemed really appropriate for a little boy.

I even stitched some bugs into the quilt's border:

The day I handed it over to my friend and her son, he was sporting a temporary tattoo of a beetle on his wrist!  What a fantastic coincidence, right?!

And now that it's done I've got to start working on two more quilts.  Two of my husband's sisters have just had their first babies!  (I'm a first time aunt!)  Two little boys and I've done my drawings for their quilts. I just need to get stitching!  Hopefully I'll be able to send them the quilts sooner rather than later!

Thanks for stopping by!


PS: I'm pleased to say that I'm a part of The Museum of Modern Art aka MoMA's permanent collection.  Sort of.  I recorded a thirty second video several years ago with artist Thilo Hoffman.  Read my post about the experience here.  Anyway, the video is on their website right here.  I admit it's nerdy, but I got rather a big kick out of putting my name in the search box and actually coming up with something on the MoMA website!