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The Five Minute Card

Can I be totally honest?  I made a project for today's wedding themed blog hop, photographed it, and promptly left home without editing the photos and writing a post about it.  Sigh.  And since I'm away for the weekend I needed to get inventive and make something for the hop that was quick and easy.

I recently read part of Emily Pitt's great series on cardmaking on the Write Click Scrapbook blog and one thing that really stuck in my head was the advice to keep it simple.  I think I tend to overthink cards and thusly they become incredibly difficult for me to create.  I keep wanting to make them incredibly elaborate and over the top.  But really, I think, simple is the way to go -- at least for me.

So with necessity breathing down my neck and the idea of simple cards floating through my mind, I made two very graphic wedding cards.  And trust me when I say that it took longer to photograph them (in the ladies room of this hotel, by the way -- it had the best light) and to write this blog post than it did to make them!

A nice sentiment, a fat paintbrush, some watercolor paper and voila!  A beautiful and graphic card!

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