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Creative Therapy: Three Muses

This month's prompt at the Creative Therapy Challenge Blog is: "Tell us about a favorite/special piece of clothing."

My contribution is called Three Muses:

It's a 16" x 20" mixed media painting.  These are the three aprons that I wear when creating.  You can find me in one of them most hours of most days.  They are my uniform.  And since I stitched up all three aprons, when painting them I was very aware of the unique shape and details of each.  Here I am in each of them:

I had a lot of fun re-creating the patterned fabric of each apron. 

And I was quite pleased that when I showed the painting to my Mother she immediately said, "It's your aprons!" 

I made the girls somewhat faceless (and much skinnier than I am) as afterall, they're represenations not self-portraits!

And those are definitely the three hairdos I wear - pig tails, hair down, and a messy ponytail/bun.

I love that this painting is now sitting in my studio and my three muses are watching over me!

Thanks for stopping by!