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Time to Marinate

Allowing artwork time to marinate has its benefits. 

I usually create on a deadline.  Class sample is due.  Design Team work is due.  Booth projects are due.  Video is due.  But lately I've been trying to walk away from commitments and spend some more time doing art just for me.  Just for the love of the game, you know?

I painted this piece a few months ago:

Pretty.  But it doesn't have a story.  It doesn't have any heart.

I thought about putting some text on it.  That's my go-to method for giving artwork some special meaning.  But I'm trying to grow past that.  So I stashed it under my desk for a month or two to give it some time to breathe.

When I took it out again, the change seemed obvious.  So I painted away....

Much better!  The story is there and no text needed!  Victory!

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