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Art Journal Every Day: Profiles Marcia, Andria, and Desiree

ArtJournalEveryDayLogo-150If you're new to Art Journal Every Day, all the posts can be found here.  Please read this post first.  There is a flickr group for sharing right here.  Remember, it's just ten minutes of nourishing your creative self every day!  No need to finish anything or even like it.  Just play! 

After fallling off the art journaling wagon in April (too many deadlines, and too much travel), I'm pleased to say that I'm back on track for May!  I have managed to art journal every single day of this month so far and I'm thrilled and delighted by that.  Listen, it's all a cycle.  I have made art of some kind every single day of this year, but this month I made it a priority to open that art journal every single day and I have!  I feel great about that!

Today we continue our Art Journal Every Day profiles!  First up is Marcia Beckett.

Marcia Hello! My name is Marcia Beckett and I am an elementary art teacher from Madison, WI. In my free time, I enjoy mixed media art, art journaling, watercolor painting and dabbling in many other forms of art.  My blog is called Dabblings and chronicles my art experiments.  If you happen to also teach art to children, I have another blog where I post what is happening in my art classroom, Vivid Layers.

Q: Why did you start art journaling?

I have written in a diary and doodled since I was six years old! I still have some of the diaries and they are so fun to look back on. Here is one of the pages from when I was in 6th grade.

I started an art journal about 7 or 8 years ago and have worked in that format on and off since then. I became interested in journaling again after seeing the books of Dan Eldon and Sabrina Ward Harrison. I thought as an art teacher, it made sense to have a book where I combine note taking, project ideas, personal thoughts, photographs and drawings. When I go to conferences, study books or read magazines, I have a place to collect information. Here are a couple pages from my first "real" art journals (in the modern sense of the definition). These are about 9 years old. 

The picture of the cat was a cat that my roommate and I babysat in college for a week.  There is a postcard tied to the journal. I used to make postcards and swap them when I was a kid.  This is a leftover postcard I had in my stash of art stuff.

This page I made when I was in my altered playing card phase.  This was one of the playing cards I had made for a swap. 

To see more of these pages, be sure to visit my blog!

Q: Why do you art journal now?

Journaling is an EXPERIMENT! I journal to declutter my mind, to REMEMBER things I have read, to create something JOYFUL!

Two of my books are a hodge-podge of techniques. In these books, I combine magazine cut outs, notes from meetings and book readings, art lesson ideas, doodles and free-form journaling. I use this journal to work through ideas and write down things I need to remember. I also play with color schemes and practice different techniques.  My other book is all watercolor experiments and collage. I try to make these pages a bit neater and more "finished". The paper on this book is so nice that I don't want to just be reckless in it. I find myself more restrained and careful with what I am working on. I also collage and paint on loose paper, in an "art journaling" style. Some of these pages I plan to frame. Others will end up being bound together in a book. Here are a few of my recent artworks.

This journal page is from January and I really love it!  I have been doing more “watercolor doodling” lately.

Q: Who are your favorite art journalers and why?

  • Of course, Julie is one of my favorites :)
  • Pam Garrison's pages have amazing color palettes and her lettering is gorgeous!
  • I love Kelly Kilmer's use of magazine imagery. I'm trying to learn how to integrate magazine images without them looking cheesy. I really admire how she is bringing art journaling to her community through classes. I would love to be able to take one if I am ever in California some day.
  • Cathy Cullissketches are haunting and beautiful.
  • I also adore Carla Sonheims playful drawings!  They are so delightful.

Q: What kind of journal are you currently working in? 

One of the books I am working in is a bound book that I made using various papers and plastic binding.  Another all-purpose book I have been using is the Canson Mix Media pad.  While this works well for some paints, collage and writing, I found it wrinkled a bit too much for watercolor.  The journal I have fallen in love with is the Strathmore Visual Journal.  I use the Bristol-Vellum surface, 100 lb. paper.  When I received it I thought I had ordered the wrong kind, but I have found that watercolors work great on it.  The paper has a smooth surface and I just love the sturdiness to the pages.  I need to decorate the cover on mine! 

Q: What is the best thing that has happened to you because of art journaling?

Art journaling has been a wonderful way for me to unwind and feel joy.  It is also a nice way for my students to see how they can make art a part of their lives.  I sometimes leave my sketchbook around the classroom or work on a bit here or there during breaks.  The children will sometimes notice it and ask to look through it.  I don’t keep anything private in this sketchbook, so I allow them to satisfy their curiosity.  The kids think it is SO cool and want to know how I made all the pages.  The students each have their own sketchbook to draw in during their extra class time. 

Headshot Next is Andria Kaskey.

I am a 38-year-old crafter/ artist/ blogger, living outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with my husband, two young daughters, and 14-year-old cat, named Stella.  After an 11-year career in education, I am now a stay-at-home mother to my girls, ages 2 and 3.  I discovered rubber stamping, card making, and decoupage many years ago, but have only just now really begun to explore my creativity through art journaling, collages, and other paper crafting/mixed media projects.  My day-to-day life as a stay-at-home mother revolves around meals, laundry, toddler crafts, music and gym classes, a family room full of toys, church activities, and exploring my creative side.  My blog, Drawing Near, gives me a forum for sharing my creative projects and the creative side of child rearing, while providing an excuse to explore like-minded women’s forays into the world of creativity!

Q: Why did you start art journaling?

If I remember correctly, I believe it all started with Nick Bantock and Gwen Diehn.  My mother and I fell in love with Nick’s Griffin and Sabine books, and used to talk about how we could incorporate drawings, envelopes, rubber stamp images, and tags into our journals.  Neither one of us did much about it, though, at first.  Then I ran across Gwen’s The Decorated Page, and found the inspiration I needed to prep a travel journal with paint, stickers, and rubber stamps.  I made it for a trip to Spain in 2003, but didn’t end up using it until I went to Scotland in 2004, where my husband proposed to me.  I spent HOURS every night of the trip, staying up in our hotel room to write in my journal and cut/paste images from tickets and brochures.  That trip alone should have warned my husband what he was getting into with me and my crafting!  From there, I amassed a library of at least 15 books specifically on the topic of art journaling, along with several more concerning drawing, painting, and collage. 

Here is one of the earliest pages I created with the intention of starting an art journal; it reflects some of my thinking after having our first child:

Q: Why do you art journal now?

My art journal helps me make sure that I do something creative every day.  I stay home to raise my two daughters, ages 2 and 3, and for a long time all of my creative energies were poured into their learning and play.  At the end of 2010, I resolved to get back into “creative production” for myself, and was inspired by many of the blogs I discovered and began reading voraciously.  I envied those people who showed stacks of bulging journals, pages wrinkled from paint, papers and fibers sticking out from the sides.  I think more than the process of creating a journal, I just wanted a stack of cool books on my shelf.  (I am notoriously a “product girl” and not a “process girl”!)  Once I made it through my first art journal, in February and March of this year, and I had the book on my shelf, I was able to realize for myself that it is truly the process of creating the journal a little bit every day that is the gift. 

Here is one of my most recent journal pages, done for Easter:

Q: Who are your favorite art journalers and why?

 I seldom run across images from an art journal that I can’t appreciate and admire! 

  • I started out really admiring the complex layers of Lynne Perrella’s work—her use of stencils, tags, and layer upon layer upon layer of paint.
  • Recently I’ve been inspired by Teesha Moore’s journals; I was a little late on that bandwagon, but so glad to have found her work.  On each page there is so much to look at and discover, because of the riot of word, image, and color.  I enjoy her use of collage, vibrant colors, and bold female images.
  • Eric Scott and David Modler’s pages in Journal Junkies helped me see how journals could include daily thoughts and scribbling, and even become part and parcel of my daily planner.  I liked seeing the “masculine take” on art journaling, and through them I started appreciating the role of handwriting and drawing in the journal.
  • I have enjoyed looking at Traci Bunkers’ journals and her recent book, as well.  She employs bold and interesting color combinations, collage (which I always enjoy), lines for journal writing (so the “usual purpose” of keeping a journal remains front and center), and photos (something I haven’t started to use, but will as soon as I get my hands on a Pogo printer).  I find her honest and personal journal content inspiring as I continue to think about the role of the art journal in my daily life.
  • Violette’s Journal Bliss seemed to really get me off my duff at the beginning of this year to start art journaling in earnest.  I enjoy her bold lines, cartoon-y drawings and doodles, borders, lettering, and (especially) her long-necked girls.

This list only scratches the surface of the journal-keepers who inspire me, both through books and blogs.

Q: What kind of journal are you currently working in?

I’m working in an 8-1/2”x11” black bound notebook by Art Alternatives that is clearly meant for writing and not for wet media!  I removed a selection of the pages to allow for expansion as I painted and collaged inside.  I have glued some pages to make them thick enough to receive paint; others I have simply painted on the thin page and hoped for the best!  I’m enjoying its large pages, as the first journal I completed was only 7-1/2”x6”.

I tried a bunch of angles to try to make the book look interesting, but at the end of the day, it’s just a black sketchbook! 

Q: What is the best thing that has happened to you because of art journaling?

Two things:  First, I have made a commitment to being creative for myself every single day.  I am not only working in my journal, but also creating other projects.  Journaling really jump-started that for me.  Second, I have begun to participate in an online community of art journalers and artists through my blog.  I am using it to highlight some of my creative endeavors, and it keeps me creating, encourages me to visit blogs of like-minded women, and opens the door to new relationships with people who have made art and creativity a priority in their lives!


Picture 46 Finally, I'd like to introduce you to Desiree Tillman Moffett.

I am a celestial superstar on a mission to change the world, one person at a time! I have a supportive loving husband and two super furrie loving babies. I work full time in nursing as well on my own art, teaching, sharing and learning. I have been sewing, quilting and embroidering for 13 years. I have know broadened my horizons to include art, journaling and mixed media. Joining all my loves of different styles and forms into one! I am still a beginner and shall always sty in that mid frame to savor all the wonderful things and people this world has to offer. I am a Buddhist, lover of Zen and peace, acceptor of all. Please stop by and see me and teach me something, share something and learn with me! Be Blessed!  My blog address is http://lonelillie.blogspot.com and My YouTube name is cheerbear7.

Q: Why did you start art journaling?

First off let me say that I have been journaling since my teens -- doodling and just normal writing out the day, feelings, dreams and such in just a plain old composition notebook. So the idea of journaling is not new to me, but to incorporate paint is (well was).  Also let me tell me that my brother is naturally talented when it comes to art, drawing and such. Me, I could barely draw a stick person!  SO I never thought I would get to where I bought any type of art supply! Boy was I wrong, and glad I was. So that brings me to where it all began: FLICKR! (lol)

I had been using flickr for at least a year and was perusing pictures, of course. I also joined many sewing groups and was swapping and doing the fabo Doll Quilt Swap which is super popular there. (I have been sewing, quilting and embroidery for 13 years now.) So during one session I came across some pictures of RODs, and I was like what oh I have to make this! Here is one from my favorite list. Love it!  I mean sewing and a journal?! Why have I not done anything this fab!?! So I searched and searched and found this class from Mary Ann Moss. Took it, loved it, made my first ROD. There is also a flickr group here. And from there I was a upward spiral. I then made my first YouTube video to show off my ROD, and was hooked. Once I was hooked on YT, I found Paula Phillips aka Journal Artista on YT, who was my first true inspiration for putting paint to paper. I bought oodles of supplies and started following her tutorials. I also found Teesha Moore and seriously you guys so many I cannot name them all. I have been truly inspired through YT. So much so that not only do I have a sewing room, but the dining room is now converted to my journal, painting paper room! :D

My first page:

My first Teesha Moore style page done (also only one I have ever completed lol):

Q: Why do you art journal now?

I am still a beginner in art journaling. Well honestly in all art forms. If we stay in a beginners mind frame for all things we will always learn and always share. I find this to be key in my life. I now art journal for many reasons: to learn more about myself and my artist style, to learn new skills and become better at the skills I already have, and to meditate, to let go of negative thoughts and become a better person. 

Q: Who are your favorite art journalers and why?

A few of my favs are:

  • Pam Carriker: I love her style and when she gives instructions they are clear and easy to follow. You can also see how she has progressed as an artist.
  • Paula Phillips: She shares her love of art and makes things so simple to follow. She does amazing pages as well.
  • Les over at Comfortable Shoe Studio: She was also a big help for me when I knew I wanted to make my own art journals. She helped me get past all that "I cannot do it" thoughts!
  • Milliande: She has a great site full of inspiration and some great YT vids as well.

These are but a few of the ones I love and who inspire me. There are so many wonderful artists out there and I am thankful that Julie has put this site together so we can all discover each other!

Q: What kind of journal are you currently working in?

I am still filling my first RODs journal. I should finish filling it up by the end of this month.

This is my go to quick journal, where I paste in bits and pieces and do a lot of writing. I still love just free form writing to express my feelings and work through things. I also have an inexpensive sketch book that I use sometimes, I have found it does not hold up to a lot of layers and shading work with paint. I use an older 5.5 x 8 sketch book from school that I have re-purposed to test out techniques and ideas, this was also what my first journal page ever was put onto. I recently bought a Strathmore Visual Journal in watercolor cold press 140 lb in the 5.5 x 8 size which I have done a few backgrounds in but nothing else.

And lastly I have just started to work in a junk journal that is from a swap I did. The journal size is 8x 8, which I am liking, but it also has odd size pages in. 

Q: What is the best thing that has happened to you because of art journaling?

One of the best things that has happened for me is that I have been able to fulfill my dream of being able to make books! I have been in love with handbound bookmaking for a long time and have been collecting how-to books for ages. I never had the space until the last few years when we bought our first house and I had too many "what if" thoughts.  Now with more space, freedom and positivity flowing I have been exploring making all types of journals. A true love for me! I also really want to help support others positivity and find there own creative voices and this has helped me fight my own daily battles to prepare myself for being able to teach and share with others.

Thanks for stopping by!