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Artists United with Love for Japan

Back on Monday I posted about this charity reverse auction that I'm participating in:

Here's a link to my art quilt.  Click the image above to see all the pieces.

Truth be told, the quilt was not the only piece I made for this auction! 

A while back I tweeted and posted on my Facebook page that I was photographing a piece of art on my balcony and it blew away!  Seventeen floors down.  I went running down to the street to try to find it, but could not.  But at least I got some photos:

Heartbroken, I decided not to try to recreate it. Rather I would make something new!

I made this:

It didn't feel right.  I put it away and decided to let go of creating with paper.

I drew some sketches.  Drank some Diet Coke.  Checked my e-mail.  Drew some more sketches.  Looked out the window.  Made some ice.  Drank more Diet Coke.  And then, just like Goldilocks, I found something that felt "just right!"

I started sewing together lots of little bits of fabric that I had painted and stamped...

Balzer3_lg (photo by Cynthia Shaffer)

Once I had a sizeable piece of fabric, I carefully marked and cut away rays of the sun from black fabric and laid those rays on top of my painted and pieced fabric.

Balzer4_lg (photo by Cynthia Shaffer)

Once I had pieced the rays together, I started stitching. 

When I was done with the stitching, I started painting.  I painted the sun gold and added the word "tomorrow."  But the quilt still needed something!  I played with some papers and fabrics on my desk and came up with this cool layered paper and fabric heart:

Balzer2_lg (photo by Cynthia Shaffer)

The thing that I like about this piece is that it so expresses my feelings about the tragedy in Japan and the incredible way the Japanese people have faced this tragedy, and yet it also speaks to me about so many other things.  About being an optimist. About believing that tomorrow will be better, and working towards that.  About putting your heart and mind towards a dream of the future. 

My mother always told me, "Go to bed.  It will be better in the morning."  And you know what?  She was right!  Time heals so many wounds.  And while it's not always the literal "tomorrow," it is true that the promise of tomorrow has kept me going through so many of my own personal struggles - big and small.

You can buy my quilt and many other pieces of art here.

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