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Art Journal Every Day: A June Experiment Begins

ArtJournalEveryDayLogo-150 If you're new to Art Journal Every Day, all the posts can be found here.  Please read this post first.  There is a flickr group for sharing right here.  Remember, it's just ten minutes of nourishing your creative self every day!  No need to finish anything or even like it.  Just play!  Join the linky list for June right here.

I am trying an art journaling experiment for June.  Normally I do a very diary-like version of art journaling every day.  As long as I sit down for a few minutes and say something about my day, I can tick it off of my "to do" list.  For the month of June I've decided to do something a little different.  My big daily art journal has been sent away, as a spread in it is being published.  I was trying to figure out what to do about that.  And the idea hit me square in the face

I have drawn a grid of thirty boxes in one of my other smaller journals.  And every day this month I will art journal by drawing a face in one of the boxes.  Some days I may include text.  Some days not.  Some days the faces may be colored.  Other days, just scribbly pencil marks.  I've done the first two days already:


Those photos are actually larger than the sketches are in real life!  Here's a peek at the two faces with a pencil for scale:

They're pretty teeny tiny.  And that's interesting for me to do too!  I normally work a lot bigger.

I think it's going to end up being a real cool art journal spread and I'm excited to see the final result!  What a luxury to take an entire month to finish a single spread.  It's shockingly hard for me not to fill in all the boxes at once! But I kind of love the idea and I'm looking foward to seeing how it develops throughout the month!

There are so many ways to do Art Journal Every Day.  What are you planning on doing this month?


P.S. I've got a really big secret that I'm dying to share!  Hints begin next week....