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Art Journal Every Day: Only Seven Boxes Left in June

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As I mentioned in my last three Art Journal Every Day posts (here, here, and here), I am trying an art journaling experiment for June.  I have drawn a grid of thirty boxes and every day this month I will art journal by drawing a face in one of the boxes. 

This week my journal and I ran into some mental road blocks.  I found myself frustrated by the need to do something different each time.  I had all those familiar feelings of "this stinks" "I can't draw" "I hate this" "where's the eraser" "this is stupid" and so on and so forth.  But I'm proud to say that I forced myself to just do it and stop whining.  Here are the results:

Let's get closer.

I like this face.  The white dots under the eyes are fun.  I tend to use a lot of text when I make art and there's something about this phrase right over the eyes that I like.  Though I do wonder if I make it too easy for the viewer.  Perhaps I should simply have been thinking about that phrase, but not acutally put in on the face?

This is my favorite face from this week. I love the expression on her face.  Totally different features than I normally go for and I colored her face differently.  Love the light coming up from the bottom.

I don't think that I was actually unhappy when I did this pencil sketch.  I think I did it and then she looked unhappy and then it just sort of became a black turtleneck in the rain kind of thing.

I'm not sure where the text came from on this one.  But I do like the face.  Seems like a man to me for some reason.  A man with long hair.  I find myself leaning towards fewer "pretty" faces and longing for a bit more space ont the paper.

Talk about faces that aren't pretty.  When I added the red paint I wasn't sure if I had "ruined" it or not.  Looking at it now, I think the red kind of makes it.  Another reminder to be brave and go with your gut!

After a week of faces full of emotion I find this one strangely empty.  She's just sort of there.  I do like the coloring and the pen work and the little triangle desing on the edge.  But it doesn't feel like there's anything behind those lilac eyes.

This face was born of pure laziness.  I almost erased it and started again.  But I stopped myself because I feel like it's representative of where I was at that moment.  It could not have taken me more than sixty seconds to draw this chubby little face.

So there you have it.  Another seven faces down and seven more to go.  The small boxes are starting to drive me crazy.  I want to go bigger!  But just one more week and I can!  :)

Thanks for stopping by!