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Saying Goodbye to the Prima Design Team

Balzer Designs + The Crafter's Workshop

I have loved reading all the guesses.  And now I'll stop teasing you!  Here's the very good news I've been holding on to for months (and it has been killing me):

I have been a fan of The Crafter's Workshop (TCW) from almost the minute I discovered their über fabulous stencils!  I use them all the time, teach with them constantly, and I know I've talked about them a million times on this blog.  Great designs, excellent quality, just all around fabulous-ness!

Jaime and Ted are a husband and wife duo who own the company.  A couple of CHAs ago, I snapped this picture of Ted wearing an apron I painted using TCW stencils:

As you can probably guess they are silly, funny, lovely, kind people.  And super generous too!  They've always been great about supporting my addiction to their stencils!   :)

And now I'm pleased as punch to say that I've been folded into the TCW family.

Starting with CHA-Summer 2011 (coming up in July) you will be able to buy stencils in 6x6 and 12x12 designed by me!  Prototypes of the stencils have been arriving on my doorstep and I've been playing and tweaking and discovering what my imagination looks like in stencil form!  And as you can see, my desk is littered with color and pattern (and yep, that layout in the background was made with patterned paper I created using my stencils)!
It's a BIG release with a ton of stencils. I can't wait to share each and every one in excrutiating detail!  But until then...I thought I'd share a little video with you:

And here's a picture of the fabric I made in the video:

I can't decide what to make with this fabric. Maybe a purse?  Maybe a pillow?  Decisions, decisions.....

All I know is that I'm extremely proud of these stencils and I hope that you'll love them as much as I do!  I'll be sharing lots and lots of projects as the weeks roll on towards CHA!

Thanks for stopping by!