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Road Trip!

Last week I mentioned that I was going on a road trip.  And if you follow me on Twitter, you saw the photos and read all about it.  Here's a quick recap:

Day one was all about the drive.  Carla was kind enough to drive in from New Jersey and pick me up in Manhattan.  And we then began our long journey towards Cleveland.  There was lots of pretty green to see.  Carla and I traded life stories, crafty wisdom, and some thoughts on the industry.  When we got to Cleveland we dropped our stuff off at the TV studio, and joined up with Carol and Karen to head to dinner -- my first time at The Cheescake Factory!  And then I blissfully fell into bed.

On day two we hit the set early (I love that early morning photo on the top right) at about 6:45am and powered through until lunchtime.  I got my makeup done (glamour shot in the middle), we joked around, had some silly fun in the green room, and then packed up the car and headed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!  And we added another passenger!  Karen Benvenuti, who is a new member of the EK Success Education Team. She's in charge of all of the jewelry education.  She had been in Cleveland for a few days and decided to head back to New Jersey with us.  We drove for a few hours and then stopped for the night.

Day three was all about the drive toward home.  Lots more girl talk and craft talk.  Plus the best invention ever: Funnel Cake Fries.  So delicious!  We also picked up a little mascot along the way: a tiny plastic dinosaur we named Cleveland.  He became our mascot and we took lots of photos along the way with him.  We're thinking Cleveland may need a road trip scrapbook of his own! 

Also, I was telling the girls on the drive that I wished that one of these TV shows would include more interviews with scrappers and crafters and artists about what they do.  Carla and Karen suggested that I could just interview people whenever I met them on the road and do a little feature on my blog.  Brilliant!  Carla was my very first guinea pig:

Carla doesn't have a blog, but you can follow her on Twitter.

All in all, it was a truly excellent trip.  Another awesome crafty adventure!

Thanks for stopping by!