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This Crazy Road Trip!

Today I am driving from New York City to Cleveland, Ohio with Ms. Carla Sylvester.  Why am I going to Cleveland?  Besides the awesome road trip pictures we are going to have?

I'll give you a hint: Carla is the Education Manager for Martha Stewart Crafts at EK Success

Cool job, right?  But does that hint help you guess why Carla and I are taking an eight-hour road trip to Cleveland?

Well, it's because airfare from NYC to Cleveland (Carla lives in New Jersey) was up over $1000.

But why do we both need to be in Cleveland?  That's the real question.

I'll give you another hint: Every single time I have been to Cleveland in the past three years, it has been to tape a TV show.

Getting warmer now.

It's not to tape any of the shows I've been on before:

It's a brand new (well, new to me, it's been on the air for a year now) show...!

I'll give you a big hint.

Did you know that EK Success has a show on PBS called Crafting at The Spotted Canary?  

It's hosted by Joy Macdonell, whom I remember watching on DIY Networks' show Greetings from DIY TV years ago!  It was a card making show that came on after DIY Scrapbooking.

So now you can probably guess why Carla and I are driving to Ohio.  We're both going to be guests on the show!  I am very excited!  I've been playing with stamps from EK's Inkadinkadoo line.  Great designs and lots of variety. 

I can't share my project...but I can tell you that it involves this photo from our wedding (not the most flattering, but boy do we look HAPPY):

And I will surely be tweeting up a storm from the road.  You don't have to have a twitter account to read my tweets and see the photos I tweet.  You can either see them on my official Twitter page or on the right-hand side of my blog.  I will also try to post some photos to Facebook. (And because my Mom didn't know this -- you don't have to have a Facebook account to see my Facebook page, because it's a fan page.  You only have to have an account if you want to comment.)

Can't wait to share the stories from this fun new artistic adventure!

Thanks for stopping by!