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In case you don't know, it's time for the Craft and Hobby Association's summer trade show, otherwise known as CHA Summer!

I'm here in my hotel room in Chicago with my foot elevated, being iced down with a cold can of Diet Coke.  My Mother is here too, sharing in the crafty adventures.  And together we are the disaster twins.  I have pulled a muscle in my foot and am now limping around pathetically.  She got a bloody nose on the airplane that just wouldn't stop the whole flight.  I fear for anyone who might rub up against our klutzy-ness.  Nonetheless we're still managing to laugh and laugh and laugh!

Mostly though, I'm filled with nervous and excited butterflies.  There is so much exciting-ness packed into the next four days!

Tomorrow/Today (Monday) is CHA education day.  And I am speaking on two different panels.  The first is a panel on presenting for the camera. My section is on presenting for YouTube and online classes.  I've done a little PowerPoint presentation and I hope it's well received.  The second panel is talking about mixed media. What is it?  And what does it mean for the craft market?  I'm excited to hear what everyone else on the panel has to say!

Besides the panels, I have a few meetings, some stuff to set up at The Crafter's Workshop booth for the big stencil release (yay!)...

(partial screen cap, click here to see the full release of all 18 stencils)

...and a mixed media dress that needs to get finished and put on the mannequin in time for the Crafty Couture contest!

On Tuesday the show opens and for the next three days I'll be running some make-and-takes at The Crafter's Workshop booth.  Plus I've got meetings galore, and have I mentioned that I have a new job?  I'm the mixed media buyer for a flash sale site called FlockShop.  They do one great crafty deal per day, so I'm on the hunt for some awesome stuff to stock the shop!  I'm also taking some classes for the first time!  Well, not the first time that I've taken classes, but the first time that I've taken classes at CHA.  I'm taking a Copic class, a 7gypsies class, and a Creative Imaginations class.  Looking very much forward to all three!

It's going to be a crazy whirlwind and I am anticipating wonderful things!  Wish me luck!

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