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Art Journal Every Day: Travel Sketch Journal

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While here in Maine I've been keeping a sort of visual travel art journal.  That's a rather complicated way of saying I've been mixing little sketches with some rambling commentary.

Here's what I packed:


  1. Aqua Tote (which I'm sorry to say has sprung a leak and is not worth the money)
  2. Koi Watercolor Set with Waterbrush by Sakura
  3. Watercolor Crayons
  4. Tiny Watercolor Moleskine
  5. Pitt Pens
  6. Extra Paintbrushes
  7. White Sharpie
  8. Mechanical Pencil
  9. White Eraser
  10. Alphabet Stamps
  11. Black Stamp Pad

I haven't used everything I brought me and that's fine. But it's there if I want it.

And here's what I did:

I particularly like this style of art journaling because it allows me to work in stages.  I've been using a pencil to sketch in the drawing in the moment.  Later I go back with a pen and clean up the lines and erase all the pencil away.  Then later I can paint.  And then even later I can go back in and journal.  As I said, I'm finding that working in stages is very appealing to me these days.

And another benefit: I have never thought of myself as a person who can draw.  And yet, I see that these little chicken scratchy drawings still communicate the idea of what I was looking at.  And isn't that the point of a drawing? To capture a little bit of what you're seeing?  So I'm pleased with how these pages have turned out. 

Thanks for stopping by!