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Inspiration at The Art Institute of Chicago

CREATE Retreat 2011: Lisle, IL

Greetings from Chicago!

To say that the last four days have been a whirlwind of activity and drama is an understatement.

My CREATE Mixed Media Retreat adventures began on Thursday when I showed up for my 12:30pm flight and discovered that it had been delayed.  And then it was delayed some more.  And then still delayed.  And then it was cancelled.  But there was no room on any of the other flights that day, so after seven hours at the airport, I was rebooked on a flight for Friday morning.

Small problem: I was going to miss the book making class I had signed up for on Thursday night with the very talented Bianca Mandity.

Big problem: I was going to be late for the class I was teaching, starting at 9am on Friday.

Couldn't do anything about the small problem, so I headed home.  As for the big problem, I got up at 3am on Friday morning and headed to the airport.  There was crying and a kind desk clerk.  So I ended up on a 6am flight and made it in time for the start of my class!  Yay!  And what an awesome class it was!

In fact, all the workshops I taught were made incredibly fabulous by the stupendously fantastic students!  The thing that makes teaching such a pleasure for me is when the students are curious and excited.  And they were!


The students at this retreat were so warm and lovely.  More than once I was invited to eat with a group of students or people stopped me to introduce themselves or give me a hug.  Nice people are the best.  I also ran into several repeat students, which I think is truly the highest compliment one can receive.  Overall, I got a big warm and fuzzy feeling from the whole experience!

Alas, my Sunday flight home was cancelled due to Hurricane Irene and once again, I am humbled by the kindness of strangers.  Elana (wearing bright green and a black sweater in the photos above) heard that I was stranded in Lisle until Tuesday afternoon.  She kindly offered to take me home with her.  As I write this post I am sitting in her and her husband Joe's living room, feeling very grateful for their kindness. 

Later today I am headed to Chicago's Art Institute -- an excellent way to spend an unexpected bit of time.

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. I saw on the Scrapdoodles blog that they've got some of my new stencils in!  Yay!