Journal Quilt Class
Week in the Life 2011

Hand Carved Alphabets

A long time ago I carved a little alphabet from white Speedy Cut.

It was a cute alphabet set and included numbers and symbols.

I use the numbers in my art journal all the time and here's a layout from 2009 that uses them:

I liked the set a lot, but I decided that I wanted a bigger alphabet -- something more like printing blocks.

This time I used pink Speedy Carve.

Here you can see the numbers in action on a layout from earlier this year:

Stats-sm (made with the January 2011 Cocoa Daisy Kit)

Well I recently used those original white alpha stamps and they started to crumble when I cleaned them.  Speedy Cut will do that, unfortunately.  It cuts really easily, but it's also brittle.  I was super sad when the stamps began to crumble, so I started to carve another set today!

I haven't finished carving the whole alphabet yet, but it's coming along quite nicely.  An extra long conference call today helped me get through the letter "j." 

Besides being lowercase, this set is smaller than the other pink one.

And because scale is always hard to tell, here they both are with a pen:

I've got all sorts of plans for this set of alphabet stamps!  I'm hoping to finish them by the end of the week!

Thanks for stopping by!