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Banner Stamps

It's funny how one little idea starts so many others rolling, isn't it?

I was using this awesome alphabet banner stamp set from Kenner Road last night:

image from
(Sadly, it sold out way back in 2010.)  In any case, I was using it and I was wishing that the banners were larger.

And then I realized that wishes can come true!  Sort of.

I started by carving one little banner stamp -- with an empty middle so I could fill it in with whatever letter stamp I wanted like so:

But I just couldn't stop at one.  Here are some of the test prints I made along the way:

And my new collection of banner stamps:

I put together two quick tags with my new stamps:

So fun!  And all because of an errant thought: "I wish these were bigger."  You never know where imagination and ingenuity will take you (especially late at night)!

Thanks for stopping by!


ETA: So many people have e-mailed me about what I use to carve stamps.  So, here are the links:

Those links go to Dick Blick.  You can also purchase the supplies at here and here.

And for those of you who can stand the wait, I will have some instruction coming your's all wrapped up in a blanket of secrecy right now, but I will tell you very very soon.