30 Days in Your Journal: Student Artwork Week 1
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Ten Days of Jury Duty = Finding Time for Arting

For the past ten days I have had Grand Jury Duty.  That means that I've been going to the courthouse Monday-Friday since October 25.  In between cases there is some dead time. Some people read, other people watch TV, call their offices, type on their laptops.  Can you guess what I did with my down time?

I made art, of course!

I spent several days sketching.  And while I don't think there's anything wrong with posting the sketches I did of people on the jury, the whole thing is supposed to be secret, so I'm going to err on the side of not showing them.  I will, however, share this bit of lettering I did:

Best travel sketch kit ever: tiny Moleskine watercolor journal, mechanical pencil, set of 4 Pitt Pens, Sakura watercolor set including a waterbrush, Staedtler white eraser, and it all fits in a little pouch I stitched up.  Perfect!

Of course, I forgot a rag, so I ended up using the back of my hand to clean my paintbrush:

When I got bored of drawing, I did some stitching.  But I didn't make anything of consequence.  Mostly I worked on an older piece that is still very much in progress:

But it filled the time.

My very favorite activity was carving stamps!  I made quite a few repeating image stamps.  Believe it or not, this is just a small sampling:

I managed to get a lot done in little bursts of time.  If I'm prepared I can always find time for art.  The other members of the jury loved seeing what I was doing.  It was a wonderful conversation starter.  And it was also a great way to cope with some of the ickiness of the cases we were hearing. 

Where in your life is there time for a little bit of art?