25 Days Until Christmas
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Art Journal Every Day: Sign Up for December

Ali Edwards has been doing her December Daily scrapbook album for I-don't-know-how-many-years.  Over those years she has developed a wonderful system for putting the album together and a cult following for the project across the internet. 

Essentially, you build your album ahead of time, generally alotting 1-2 pages for each day of December.  Then, each day during the month of December you stick in your photos, ephemera, and scribble down your thoughts for the day.

Sound familiar?

Sounds a lot like an art journal, doesn't it?!

The line between scrapbook and art journal gets very very thin when we wander into the arena of mini books. Is it a scrapbook or is it an art journal?  Well a lot of that is up to how you, the creator, define it.

I will not be making a separate "December Daily" album.  But I will be journaling daily in my regular album to capture all of the December fun!  And each Friday in December (other than tomorrow) I will share my progress. 

So what do you think?  Are you ready to Art Journal Every Day in December?


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