Art Journal Every Day: December Daily Art Journal 4
Iron Riv

21 Secrets is Now On Sale!

I'm so pleased to be a part of a *huge* online art journaling workshop called "21 Secrets."

Advertised as an "art journal playground," "21 Secrets" is a monster course.  For $59 you get 21 different art journaling classes!  Here's the official description:

21 SECRETS is an online, self guided, Art Journaling workshop that runs for a total of nine months where Art Journalers receive the opportunity to dive into different techniques, methods, and approaches to Art Journaling from a family of diverse, passionate, professional Artists. Each participant is able to choose which order of the 21 classes they take and have an active online community to share and grow with. All information including, pdf's, videos, and supportive text and photos are always available and teachers are present in a timely fashion to answer questions and share their comments.

I will be teaching a course called "Wonderful Watercolor."  Some of the other teachers include: Dina Wakley, Diana Trout, Christy Tomlinson, Dion Dior, and Alma Stoller.  You can read all about my class and the twenty other classes here.

Please Note: Each of the teachers is given an affiliate code for registration.  If you purchase the class through my page I will get a percentage of the enrollment fee.  That's how we each get paid for teaching.  :)  So, of course, I would appreciate it if you would use this link if you're planning to register for the class. 

I hope to see you in the classroom!