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Art Journaling Exposed Weekend Blog Hop

Fact: Cloth Paper Scissors makes super cool e-mags.

Question: What is an e-mag?

Answer: It's an electronic magazine.  Electronic magazines come in many forms.  Some are .pdfs.  Some use special software.  Some are an exact replica of a paper magazine.  Today I want to talk about a new e-mag called "Art Journaling Exposed."

Question: What makes this e-mag super duper cool?

Answer: I'm so glad that you asked!  Here are just a few things that make "Art Journaling Exposed" awesomely terrific:

  • I'm in it!  :)
  • There is no paper version of this e-mag.  It is purely electronic only!
  • You can view it on your PC, Mac, or iPad.
  • There are tutorial VIDEOS embedded in the mag!  It's like having an online class downloaded to your computer.
  • It's super cute.  I know that that shouldn't be important, but it's really fun to look at with lots of color and fun borders around each video.  I find the layout and design of the e-mag inspiring!
  • There's a fast forward video doodle battle (screenshot below).  Have you ever seen someting as cool as that?


  • My favorite article is by Jane Davenport.  She shares the basics of three hot new water-soluble products: Gelatos, Inktense Blocks, and Letraset AquaMarkers.  I like her friendly attitude and the easy and casual ways in which she describes how she likes to use each of the products.  I have not been a fan of Gelatos, but she has me thinking that perhaps I need to rethink that....
  • I also really like the "Perfect Prompts" section.  It's divided into "technique," "sketch," "lettering," and "journaling."  Each section has a list of prompts to help motivate and excite you!  I found a few ideas that have me itching to go play.
  • There are a wide variety of styles represented in this mag.  Some messy, some thoughtful, some precise, something for everyone.  
  • It's just $4.99!  

I have to admit that most of the time I'm a hold-it-in-my-hands kind of gal.  I like books, I like magazines, I like holding onto that paper copy.  But the embedded videos really take "Art Journaling Exposed" to the next level.

This weekend the e-mag contributors will be posting to their blogs sharing their thoughts on it.  If you'd like to hop around (in alphabetical order):

If you'd like to purchase and download the PC version of "Art Journaling Exposed" click here

If you'd like to purchase and download the Mac version of "Art Journaling Exposed" click here.

Thanks for stopping by!


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