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Custom Page Protectors

I loved reading all the comments on yesterday's post about Project Life!  I got a few e-mails with people wondering where they could get more information about Project Life.  This post has a bunch of good links.

Yesterday I mentioned that I made some custom page protectors for my Project Life album.  I wanted to show you how easy it is to do!

I am going to turn a 12x12 page protector into two 6x12 page protectors, but this method works for any size protector you'd like to craft.

STEP ONE: Cut a 12x12 page protector in half.  

(Or to any size you wish.)


 I tried using scissors, but a paper cutter really is faster and cleaner for this step.


STEP TWO: Tape up the edge.

Start with the half that has the holes.  One edge is completely open.


Close up that edge by applying a strip of washi tape longer than the page protector.  Allow the tape to hang over the edge of the page protector.


 Flip it over.  You should have a small edge of exposed tape.


 Stick another piece of washi tape on the back of the protector so that it exactly lines up with the first piece of tape.  The two exposed edges seal together to create a nice edge for your page protector.


 Trim off the excess tape at the top and bottom of the protector with scissors.


 Congratulations, you have created a new page protector!


STEP THREE: Create a thick edge.

The other protector has a problem.  It has a sealed edge, but no holes to allow you to put it in a binder.  That means that we need to build a new edge.

Apply washi tape to both sides, as we did with the first protector.


 Now add a second layer of tape to both sides.  Slightly overlap the previous washi tape in order to make the edge a bit wider. 


I used Artists Tape for my second layer as it's a bit firmer than washi tape.

Trim the excess bits, as before.


STEP FOUR: Make holes happen.

I placed the page protector with holes over the one without holes and used a pencil to mark where the holes were.


 Then I punched the holes with a Crop-o-dile Big Bite.


 (Sadly, my tool punches super raggedy holes.  I've tried sharpening it with tinfoil, etc. but it doesn't do anything.  Anybody have any suggestions?)


 I added some hole reinforcements to make sure that everything held up to lots of flipping.


 And now I've got two brand new page protectors!


 Remember, you can make them any size that fits your needs!

Here's a custom page protector in use:


 And here's one where I stitched the edge closed:


It's so much easier to make the page protectors fit your needs, than to make your stuff fit into the page protectors!

Thanks for stopping by!