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Soup Week Begins

Welcome to Soup Week!  What the heck is Soup Week?  Well it's not about the kind of soup you eat, rather we'll be celebrating the TV show Scrapbook Soup!

I host Scrapbook Soup with long time Scrapbook Memories TV host, Julie McGuffee.  It's the Julie-Julie show!  Here is a photo of us on set:


My Mother says that I wear too much makeup on the show and look like I'm 100 years old.  She's been harrassing me about it for months.  We tape the upcoming season next month and I am definitely going to ask the makeup lady for less makeup.  Okay, Mom?  ;)

The show airs on PBS (you can check the listings for your area here).  And now there's great news for those of you who live abroad or don't get it in your area: You can watch Scrapbook Soup TV online!!

Currently you can watch a full episode each Saturday on the Scrapbook Soup website.  And due to popular demand, starting on April 6, we will air a new full episode on the website all week long!  Isn't that awesome?

Last season I shared "viewer projects" on the show.  And this week I wanted to thank those talented ladies by taking the week to showcase each of them.  I asked each of them to share a little bit about themselves, some pictures of where they create, what they create, and to answer a few short questions.

First up is Chris Tessnear from Alexis, NC.

Chris TessnearA school teacher by trade, Chris Tessnear has drawn and colored most of her life. She began serious study of watercolor and drawing in 1990 with Anne Godfrey. She continued to take classes, study on her own and get involved with the local arts organizations and opportunities. She also helped to found and manage a local non-profit art gallery and instructional center, Art 1 in Gastonia.

Chris works in watercolor, mixed media and has recently become obsessed with artjournaling. She enjoys all subject matter and often works in series (one  being a mixed media series of her Dad who is recovering from a stroke.) Making devotional booklets and note cards on her computer from her art is part of the joy and mission she considers her art to be. Having studied with many local artists and internationally known artists such as John Brady, Steve Jordan, Rick Chin, and Frank Webb, Chris has enjoyed a variety of experiences to expand her style and techniques.

Chris allows the creative process to dominate not always expecting a finished piece worthy of framing but an aid in the continuing process of growing and expanding her abilities. She enjoys the simple process of child-like creating, rejoicing when the end product does turnout a keeper.

My studio
Currently, Chris is teaching children's art classes for Gaston School of the Arts at the YMCA  and the Boys and Girls Club through a NC grant..

Her art is available at the Gaston County Museum of Art and History in Gaston County, Southern Arts Society in Kings Mountain, NC; Cleveland County Art Center in Shelby, NC; and Alta Vista Gallery, Valle Crucis, NC.

Chris has work published in Somerset Studios Gallery-Summer 2006, Somerset Studios July-August 2006, and Legacy October-November 2006.

Chris is married to Terry and has one grown son, Matthew, who is an editor for the ONE  in Newton, NC. 

Good egg
Q: Describe your creative process.

I slap on the paint, paper, and ephemera until it works. I gesso over things that are not working and just let go of all fear of messing up and keep working it till I like it. I seldom throw any piece away.

Q: Who is a scrapbooker/artist/creative type who inspires you and why?

Of course Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Lynn Perella, Michelle WardLeslie Riley, Christine Adolph, Claudine Helmuth and so many more. I could fill a page.

Q: What are five scrapbooking supplies you can't live without? 
  1. My digital camera, computer and printer (I print all my own photos, and design lots of my own embellishments, clipart and lettering)
  2. double sided tape
  3. A good white pen like gelly rolls or Galaxy Marker
  4. Prismacolor art stix (color pencil minus the wood, so you can use the side for rubbings or filling a page quickly, and still use the corners for fine lines)
  5. LOTS of PAPER ( I buy paper all the time and also create my own painted papers)
Q: Please share a scrapbooking tip or trick with us!
Never worry about messing up. Work with materials you are successful with and if something doesn't turn out like you expected, throw caution to the wind and experiment. IT WILL BE BETTER THAN EXPECTED!

Find Chris online: Creative Inspirations and Chris Tessnear Art.

Next up is Keri Babbitt from Salt Lake City, UT

JFFBblog_headshot_KeriBHi there, I’m Keri Babbitt. I’m a mom of two, who’s been happily crafting since high school. I love capturing life’s moments and expressing myself artistically through scrapbooking. I’m obsessed with anything vintage and love trying new techniques, as well as finding creative, eco‐friendly ways to make my supplies S‐T‐R‐E‐T‐C‐H. I love to experiment with any and every scrapping style, from minimalist to shabby chic. I am often a grid‐based, multi‐photo scrapper, and enjoy finding well‐designed ways to include lots of photos. I enjoy participating in the online crafting world of design teams, classes, & blog challenges, and every once in a while, you can see a layout of mine in Creating Keepsakes magazine. Other than crafting, I enjoy reading, contemporary dance, antiquing, and the outdoors.  My latest obsession is pinning anything & everything Cake Batter flavored on Pinterest…seriously delicious.  I’m honored to be here on Julie’s blog, saying hello!

Q: What do you like about Scrapbook Soup TV?

My favorite part of Scrapbook Soup TV is all the techniques shown using different mediums, from paint to fabric…very inspiring & fun.

Q: Describe your creative process.

For me, the creative process usually starts with the photos, the product, or the inspiration/challenge prompt.  From there, I like to make my own mini “kit”, pulling supplies that have a variety of textures, finishes, and patterns.  I move things around until I’ve got a flow that I like, and then almost always add stitching, painting, or stamping before adhering everything down.  I start the whole process on my computer first, editing photos while listening to my favorite Grooveshark playlist, and then usually end up sprawled on the floor with supplies all around me, & ink or glue on my hands. :-)

JFFBblog_fave layout_KeriB
JFFBblog_fave layout_KeriB
Who is a scrapbooker/artist/creative type who inspires you and why?

Hands down, my all-time favorite scrapbooker will always be Ali Edwards. No matter how simple or complicated the project, she always manages to both tell a poignant story AND throw in an inspiring little design technique.  I love how she combines digital efficiency with art mediums and simple techniques. I also love her real-life photography style, her eye for typography, and her ability to tie it all together into a do-able, meaningful, aesthetically-pleasing project.

I am also always inspired by the entire Design Team at Jenni Bowlin Studios.

Q: What are five scrapbooking supplies you can’t live without?

Right now, my top 5 supplies are ink, tape, doilies, vellum, & foam adhesive.

This is my scrap space:

Please share a scrapbooking tip or trick with us!

My latest favorite tip/technique is to use both matte paint & glossy glaze on my projects…love the look of the two together! And I used the technique in this project:

Find Kerri online at her blog: Kensignton Design.

Thanks for stopping by!