Art Journal Every Day: Fast Forward with Janine
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The Armory Show

I recently attended The Armory Show here in NYC.  What is The Armory Show?  From their website:

The Armory Show, a leading international contemporary and modern art fair and one of the most important annual art events in New York, takes place every March on Piers 92 & 94 in Manhattan. Now celebrating its fourteenth year, the Armory Show is re-establishing itself as the most adventurous and dynamic contemporary art fair in New York City. 

Basically it's the biggest art fair I've ever been to.  With the biggest prices.  There was a photograph I liked.  It was $10,000.  There were works by some of the most popular contemporary artists and even some work by legendary modern artists like Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg.  Despite my inability to buy anything, the window shopping was fabulous!  Take a little peek for yourself: 



Most interesting to note was that we were each drawn to such very different things.  My brother was drawn to the photography, Teri was drawn to the smaller more graphic pieces, Ronnie was mostly entertained by the atmosphere, and I was drawn to the places where art and craft seemed to intersect.  My brother looked at my photos afterwards and even though we had walked the floor together he said, "I think we were at different shows."  I think that's one of the most wonderful things about art.  There's something for everyone. 

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