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The Journey of a Painting

I am trying to find my personal painting style.  And it's a process.  

That's too kind.  

It's a struggle.

But the other day I finished this painting...


...and it felt kind of right.  It's in the space I want to be in.  Not quite there, but getting closer.  Let's take a peek at the evolution, shall we?

I started with a canvas that I painted this summer (read about it here).


 I started to paint in a figure.




Call me crazy, but I love the painting right at this point (above).  There's something about the eyes and the sketchy nature of the brush strokes.  I sort of wish I had stopped right here.  Because one step forward (below)...


 ...and it's all sorts of hideous.

But I kept going...




 ...trying to make it look like the magazine image (below).



But in the end, she looks like a person with her head on weirdly.  She doesn't look at all like she's looking over her shoulder.  

Total fail.  

I let the painting sit for a few days.  Time always help offer perspective.

And then I decided to abandon the magazine picture and try to use my imagination to pull the painting into something non-hideous.  She got a haircut and her head put on correctly.  Plus, a new background with a fun border.


 Better. But she's pretty boring.


Okay, I like the background and her outfit is more fun, but she just feels so vanilla and boring.  I don't want to just do "pretty girl on a flowery background" -- I want to tell a story and make a statement with my art!  I started by erasing her pouty lips...


...and then one thing led to another and it became this:


Now this is a painting that makes me happy.  The painting feels integrated.  It tells a story.  It makes a statement.  I want to continue in this direction and see where it takes me!

Have you discovered your painting style?  How did you do it?

Thanks for stopping by!