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Welcome to day three of Soup Week!  We are celebrating the TV show Scrapbook Soup! I host Scrapbook Soup with long time Scrapbook Memories TV host, Julie McGuffee

The show airs on PBS (you can check the listings for your area here).  And now there's great news for those of you who live abroad or don't get it in your area: You can watch Scrapbook Soup TV online!!   Currently you can watch a full episode each Saturday on the Scrapbook Soup website.  And due to popular demand, starting on April 6, we will air a new full episode on the website all week long!

Today I wanted to share even more profiles of the talented scrapbookers who contributed projects to Scrapbook Soup's "Viewer Projects" section and a few more projects from the show.

HeadFirst up is Barb Rogaczewski from De Pere, WI.

I've always been a crafter, starting with sewing, embroidery, needlepoint.  I started scrapbooking about 13 years ago, and quickly added card making and other paper crafts.  I've more recently gotten into mixed media, where I am all about the paint.  I'm trying to add the "art" part of arts and crafts to my projects, but I depend a lot on inspiration from others, what I see on-line and in books and magazines.  I'm learning to take the techniques I see, and use them in my own creative process.

Q: Do you watch Scrapbook Soup TV?  If so, what do you like about it? 

Scrapbook Soup is not available in my area yet, but I have the DVD collection.  I like that it shows how to take different techniques and media and use them in your scrapbooks, and vice-versa. 

Q: Describe your creative process. 

I usually start with a technique I've seen, and want to try.  Frequently my practice pieces will become part of a scrapbook page, card, or canvas.  Once I've mastered a technique, I tend to use it over and over, so I try too find new things to do.  I've started my own mini version of an Art Journal, because there are so many ideas I want to try, or color combinations that have inspired me.  You can only create so many canvases!

 Who is a scrapbooker/artist/creative type who inspires you and why?

Besides you (Julie), of course, Christy Tomlinson has done a lot to move me in the direction of mixed media.  Her online courses are what made me stop just looking at the work of others, but to actually start laying down paper and paint onto canvases.  Besides her own bright and free style, her blog opens doors to many other artists and their styles.

Q: What are five scrapbooking supplies you can't live without?

  1. my ATG adhesive "gun"
  2. Tonic "guillotine" paper cutter
  3. All colors of cardstock
  4. I seem to need something metal on all of my pages - even if it is just staples
  5. Paint is making it's way onto more of my pages

Craft area
 Please share a scrapbooking tip or trick with us!

Scrapbooking has to be fun.  It is hard to be creative if it is a chore.  I don't scrapbook in any order, or worry about catching up.  I just made a page with photos of my daughter at age 6.  She is 24 now.  I have to be inspired by the photo, and sometimes by a page I want to create.  I'm not beyond creating a page, and finding photos to go on it!  An admission - years ago I made my son eat a s'more because I had s'more paper I wanted to use!

LyndaHeinesNext up is Lynda Heines from Newburgh, Indiana.

I’ve always been a writer (kept a journal for 40-plus years), taught journal writing for 12 years, but have always dabbled in crafts. I’ve been taking photographs since I received my first camera, a Kodak Brownie from my parents when I was a kid. I’m now on my fifth digital camera – my first digital SLR.

Professionally, I combined my art with my writing in my own graphic design company for 8 years before returning to work for not-for-profits (where my heart was). Since my retirement in 2006 I have continued to write and create. I have been writing a column, Telling Your Story, for the past two years for our local newspaper where I interview local artists and crafters. Through meeting all of these wonderful creative types, their stories have encouraged me to find my own style. Right now my focus is on fabric surface design and sewing, but I also love art journals and playing with paints on paper.

Q: Do you watch Scrapbook Soup TV?  If so, what do you like about it? 

I was so happy to see that they are airing Scrapbook Soup online now since my area television stations did not air it.  I caught an episode today and it was so much fun and it gave me two more techniques to try!!  Looking forward to seeing more of the episodes.

Q: Describe your creative process. 

I am always looking to stretch myself and to find new techniques to try. I read a lot of books and spend a lot of time online watching videos and looking at other artists’ work to get inspiration. My ice cube dyeing technique that I wrote about for Quilting Arts came from an interview with a local artist who uses snow to dye her fabrics. I thought that if snow worked, ice cubes could also work and it did! I also look to nature. I’ve really been interested in petroglyphs since we went out to the Southwest last year. I took a lot of pictures and came home and made rubbing plates so that I could transfer those images to fabric. I also found interesting looking seedpods on a walk when we were visiting Hawaii this year and I ended up using them as rubbing plates and stamps. I’ve dabbled in a lot of crafts, but this year I’m trying to focus on just a few – mainly fabric surface design, art journals and sewing. However, I really would like to spend a bit more time with jewelry and let’s not forget about polymer clay. And I love to make my own lotions and potions. Oh, my!

Wall hanging – This is one of my favorites of my latest projects, but I still haven’t added the binding to make it complete. I took Stupendous Stitching, an online class and was obsessed with getting this piece done. I was working on it every free minute and it was so much fun. I hadn’t hand stitched in years and really enjoyed that.

 Q: Who is a scrapbooker/artist/creative type who inspires you and why?

There are so many artists who inspire me. Since writing my newspaper column on local artists I have met so many wonderful talented people. One in particular, Katherine Sands a talented fiber artist, has not only inspired me, but has personally encouraged me in my creative journey. Julie, you have inspired me as I watch your growth from a scrapbook guru to a wonderful artist. I love your attitude that “There are no mistakes, just creative opportunities” which has really given me permission to “just do it.”  And lastly, Alisa Burke through her work I’m encouraged not to worry about perfect sewing.

Q: What are five scrapbooking supplies you can't live without?

I still do some scrapbooking, but mostly just our vacations. Since hubby and I both blog, I don’t need to scrap about regular happenings.

Five scrapbooking supplies I could not live without are

  1. My old Boston guillotine paper cutter – I’ve had this since I owned my graphic design company in the 90s and love the way it cuts. I have two other rotary trimmers that I don’t use.
  2. My Fiskars Deckle Paper Edgers - I have a whole set of other decorative scissors, but these are the ones I always reach for when I’m scraping or card making.
  3. Divided page protectors - Since hubby and I usually take 2,000 or so pictures on vacation, I like to use these to include more pictures when scrapping our trips.
  4. Scotch ATG 714 – This is great tool when I have lots to scrap, making gluing so fast and easy.
  5. My Havel scissors. I was given a pair of 5½” curved top embroidery scissors from Terry White, one of the artists I interviewed.  I immediately fell in love with them. They not only work great on fabric, but they are great for cutting paper. Since then I have purchased several more Havel scissors including another embroidery one just for my paper. Love, love, love them!

My woman cave – I’ve sent three pics since I have three different areas in this room. One is my sewing area, my computer area, and cutting, painting and crafting area. I just reorganized my space for the fourth time in five years and I think this is the best layout.

 Please share a scrapbooking tip or trick with us!

I like to use plain scrapbook paper for the background and then embellish that paper with pieces cut from pattern paper. I always had difficulties using the large patterns and I discovered they work better for me as embellishments.

Find Linda online: Bloom Bake Create

One of the things that was really important to me about Scrapbook Soup was making sure that we were showing how you could do wall hangings, scrapbook pages, tags, cards, and all that good stuff using the same techniques!  This is some scratch art that I demonstrated on this last season of Scrapbook Soup TV done as a wall hanging and as part of a scrapbook page:

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