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Waiter, There's a Fly in My Soup

Welcome to day four, the final day, of Soup Week!  We are celebrating the TV show Scrapbook Soup! I host Scrapbook Soup with long time Scrapbook Memories TV host, Julie McGuffee

The show airs on PBS (you can check the listings for your area here).  And now there's great news for those of you who live abroad or don't get it in your area: You can watch Scrapbook Soup TV online!!   Currently you can watch a full episode each Saturday on the Scrapbook Soup website.  And due to popular demand, starting on April 6, we will air a new full episode on the website all week long!

Today I wanted to share two more profiles of the talented scrapbookers who contributed projects to Scrapbook Soup's "Viewer Projects" section and one more project from the show!

RydellheadshotFirst up is Michelle LaPoint Rydell from Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

I live in Minnesota with my hubby Michael and our two cats Willie and Johnny (who are named after Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash). Music and color are two huge sources of inspiration for me. Being a teenager in the 1970's, I'm also partial to all things with a retro-groovy kind of vibe!

I believe creativity is an evolutionary process, and my favorite mediums keep changing as I go. I love to experiment! I believe that the best art comes from letting go and just playing. I enjoy art journaling, scrapbooking, mixed media collage, listening to music and painting.

 Q: Describe your creative process. 

My creative process usually starts with an inspiration - could be a song, a story, a memory.  Then I get a vision in my head of how I want it to look.  What feelings are there?  What colors and styles would express that feeling?  What about the title?  Should it be a shout or a whisper?  From there I look at my arsenal of stuff and try to figure out how to take that vision and make it real on paper.  Alot of times I work on the design in my head when I lay down to sleep at night.  Then the next evening, I go to work (or I should say play) in the scraproom, and see what happens! Yeayyy!  I love the process of creating so much, and I try to have the attitude of "however it turns out is how it was meant to be.  That's what keeps it fun for me!

Favorite creation

This is an art journal page for Scrapping The Music.  Inspired by the song "Leather and Lace" by Stevie Nicks/Don Henley.  The lyric made me think of the spiritual questions I have had over the last year, and it was the perfect chance to write about them. I covered the journaling with translucent paint, and then built my page up from there. My fave thing was using tissue paper to fill in the painted circles.

Q: Who is a scrapbooker/artist/creative type who inspires you and why?

This is such a hard question because EVERYONE inspires me!  Truly!  But if I have to narrow it down I can think of two right away - 

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer!  Because of her experimental nature.  She is always trying new things, but staying true to herself all the way.  I love seeing her take on things like Project Life, Sketches, and Art Journaling.  I also love the way she is following her creative path, and changing directions when she feels it is right. 

I am also inspired a lot lately by Amy Tan.  I love her bright colors, and whimsical style.  She is another one who is following her own creative path and it really shows in whatever she does! 

Q: What are five scrapbooking supplies you can't live without?

  1. Paint (faves are Golden Fluid AcrylicWindsor and Newton GalleriaCraftSmart and Liquitex Basics)
  2. Patterned paper (ALL of it! - ha)
  3. A good black marker or pen (my faves are Pitt Artist PensSakura Glaze, and Pilot Permaball very hard to find)
  4. Detail Scissors (Love these by Cutterbee)
  5. ATG Gun

Here are two photos of my space as it looks right now. 

Somewhat messy, somewhat organized.  This is typical for me.  This is my favorite place to be.

Q: Please share a scrapbooking tip or trick with us! 

If the background in your photo is distracting - cut it out!  This will give your main subject will get the focus it deserves!  Here is an example of a scrapbook page where I did this:

Rydellscrapbook tip
Find Michelle online:
 I'd love to have you visit me at my blog! It's called "Inspiration Everywhere."

I also run a creative challenge blog called Scrapping The Music. We encourage people to use music as inspiration for their creativity, and have new prompts all the time!  Come on by and say hi - We'd love to see you!

MargieHeadShot CloseUp SBSoupTVAnd our final profile is of Margie Higuchi of Schaumburg IL.

Scrapbooking for me, actually started back in junior high school in the mid-1970s. Then I went "acid-free" when a scrapbook store opened in the neighborhood in the 90s. I took their classes and I was hooked even more! I first created pages, then went to cards, altered arts, and now dabbling in mixed media. There is so much to experiment with in paper crafting. Love the unlimited opportunity to share what you learned or inspire someone to try something new.

On a personal note, my husband, Hosho, and I live in the northwestern suburb of Chicago IL for four years with our two teenage boys. Other than paper crafting, I like to read (my Kindle!), travel and watch my favorite reality shows like Project Runway and Top Chef!

Q: Do you watch Scrapbook Soup TV?  If so, what do you like about it? 

Yes!! I love how there are many different types of crafts offered on the shows...never a dull moment :) Also love that there are pdf project sheets so that it can be recreated.

Q: Describe your creative process. 

Each process is different. I create along the way depending on what the theme is or what the main focus is (such as a picture or color). It's fun to see how something in your mind comes out SO differently in the end result...sometimes a happy accident and sometimes not. LOL!!

A project called "A Valentines Box of Chocolates" is my favorite recent creation.

LOVE ValentinesBoxOfChocolates SBSoupTV
I enjoy the mix of papers and foils with a touch of embossing to create something beautiful and full of texture :) This is not only for Valentines but for any other wonderful occasion such as wedding, anniversaries, birthdays.

Q: Who is a scrapbooker/artist/creative type who inspires you and why?

I have several people that inspire me - this is tough! But I do find myself always going back to Ali Edwards. I enjoy her thoughtfulness into each of her projects (esp. the journaling aspect).

Q: What are five scrapbooking supplies you can't live without?

OY! Five?! Here goes:

  1. paper
  2. scissors
  3. Spellbinders products (Grand Calibur/die templates)
  4. adhesives
  5. markers

My creative space is our dining room.

MargieHiguchi CLEAN WorkSpaceInDR
MargieHiguchi CLEAN WorkSpaceInDR
During the year, it doubles as a study area for our boys (to keep an eye on them esp. during test time - lol!) and as my mobile creative space. "Mobile" that it will be converted back to its original purpose: Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners! It is nice to have it spaced out for a couple of "stations." I have a photo area on the right of the picture with the white boards, a heating/embossing area and work area for one or two projects :) When I had time, I used to hold paper craft workshops/classes in Japanese.

Q: Please share a scrapbooking tip or trick with us! 

I use Spellbinders products in many of my projects. A couple of quick tricks I like to share:

  • Cut/emboss the die template through your die cutting machine, gently sand the surface with a fine grade sandpaper to highlight the embossing (just like the embossed heart on my favorite project).
  • Don't forget that you can letterpress with Spellbinders die templates by covering the die template (ridge/cut side) with pigment ink and cut/emboss through your die cutting machine.
  • Do the opposite - after cut/embossing with your die, swipe the ink over the die template as a stencil.

Find Margie online: Blog

I hope that you've enjoyed all the profiles this week.  I know that I have!  

If you're interested you might want to check out this post I wrote about filming the series.  I'm headed back to Cleveland (that's where we film) in a few weeks to tape the new season of the show.  I'm hoping to be a better blogger about it, but we'll see.  

In the meantime, here is an art journal spread that I demoed on the show (instructions are on the Scrapbook Soup TV website):

Thanks for stopping by!