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Art Journal Every Day: Loose Leaf Art Journal


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Today I thought I'd share a bit of a different-for-me kind of art journal.  

As you might have seen from my postings earlier this week, I worked on some projects using Prima Marketing supplies for Scrapbook Soup TV.  One of those projects was a two-page spread in Prima's new loose leaf art journal.  The journal comes chock full of fun black and white printed papers.  My pages had text along the edges (you can kind of still see it on the right side).

Different-for-me thing #1: I used letter stickers.  I'm usually a stamper when it comes to my art journal, but I'm loving the size and font of these letter stickers.

I left the insides of the "D" and the "O" intact and I think it emphasizes the word "do."   And I appreciate that there's no bevel, so unless you're looking you can't really tell that the centers are meant to come out.

Different-for-me thing #2: One of the benefits of a loose leaf art journal is the ability to easily put the pages through the sewing machine.  Something I took advantage of.

I fussy cut the flowers from patterned paper, inked them up and then stitched them onto the page.  This is not to say that you can't put the pages from a bound journal through your sewing machine.  It's just a bit tougher to do.

Different-for-me thing #3: Another thing I don't usually do in my art journals is glue in dimensional embellishments.  With a loose leaf journal the dimension is less of an issue because there's no binding restricting the depth of the book.  With that in mind I went ahead and adhered these cute wooden banners to my page.


 They're pretty thin, but the eyelets give them a bit more dimension (especially against the inside edge of the page).

Different-for-me thing #4: Using chalk inks like paint.  Because the paper in the book is pretty thin I was afraid to use paint.  Instead I stuck to stenciling and stamping with the new Prima chalk inks.

I am not normally a fan of chalk inks (because of how wet they stay) but I like the translucency and vibrance of these ones.  They made for some great layering.  Playing with inks in this way was new for me and I'm really pleased with the results!  I feel like I've added a fun new medium to my basket of tricks.

Actually I feel like this whole experience of a different kind of journal pushed me to try some new things that I really liked.  If you're feeling like your journaling is in a rut, you might think about trying a new kind of journal.  It just might kick you out of your normal habits and open up your imagination to some new possibilities!  

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