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A Handmade Gift

Feed Me: the 7x7 show

I was recently asked to donate a piece of art to "Feed Me: the 7x7 show."  

Here's a little bit about the show:

The show is being organized to raise money for Meals on Wheels -- an organization dedicated to providing meals for seniors and so much more.  The show will be made up of 49 individual pieces of art, each measuring 7" x 7". The artwork will be displayed in a grid of 7 rows and columns (hence the 7" x 7" title).

All 49 works of art will be available for viewing and purchase during Brookline Open Studios on May 5 - 6, 2012. 

Each work of art will be available for anyone making a donation of $49 (or more). Each piece will be reserved on a first come first served basis, but will remain hanging for the entire weekend of the show for all to see. The reserved art will be available for pick up after Open Studios is over.

Each $49 donation to Meals on Wheels will help feed a senior citizen for a week!  If we can find a home for every piece of art, we can feed a hungry senior for 343 days! That’s almost an entire year!

The only requirements I was given were that the art had to be 7"x7", and deal with food in some way.  I love and adore food, so the topic had plenty of ideas dancing through my head.  The sticking point turned out to be the 7"x7" requirement. 

The art had to be ready to hang on a nail.  I went looking for 7"x7" frames or 7"x7" canvases.  No such thing, it seems.  I started thinking about ways that I could make a canvas, and then Twitter came to my rescue!  Erin Basset tweeted this blog post by Alma Stoller (one of my fellow 21 Secrets teachers).  In her post Alma shares how to make your own canvas from cardboard and book pages.  Awesome!

I took some liberties with her instructions, but here's my homemade canvas:

And this is my painting.  It's called "My Mother Always Made Tea."

As you can see, I decided to paint the painting so that it wraps around the edges of the canvas.

I definitely see some more homemade canvases in my future!  This was a super fun adventure!

If you live in or around Brookline, MA, I hope that you'll consider attending the Brookline Open Studios and making a donation to take a little piece of art home with you.  And if you don't live around Brookline, MA, Jenn Mason is sharing each piece of art on her blog, as it comes in.

Thanks for stopping by!