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Second Floor Challenge #4: Circles

Trying an Abstract

I enjoy abstract paintings but I have a lot of trouble creating them.  I've tried to analyze why.  I think there are a few reasons:

  • I really like people.  I am naturally drawn to any figural art.
  • I am a maximalist.  More, more, more, more, and then try to cram in some more.
  • I am a storyteller.  Kind of an overbearing storyscreamer actually.  I'm trying to work on not needing to tell the story so clearly when I create.  Perhaps it comes from being a scrapbooker?  Or maybe just a control freak.

Whatever the reason, in an attempt to create an abstract painting I made this big mess on a canvas:


And then I made it worse.

Double blerg.

So I put the canvas away for a month or so.

On Friday I dragged it back out and decided to paint over the whole disaster and try again.  I started painting without a thought in my head other than to play with color and texture.

Hmmmm...I'm liking it.

But I needed a story.  I told you, I'm a storyscreamer.  So I turned the canvas all around, added a bit more paint, and voilá:

There is so much texture -- both from the painting underneath and the lines I scratched into the top painting.

I made an effort to not completely cover the painting underneath and I think it adds so much to what would otherwise be a very simple painting.

I'm very pleased to have created a painting that I'm happy with, from the ashes of a painting (really two paintings) that I hated.  Now I just have to find somewhere to hang it....

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. I know what this painting's title is and what the story is, but I'm wondering if you do?  I'd love it if you'd leave me a comment letting me know what you think the title and/or story of this canvas is!