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A New DVD: Stamp Making Adventures

I'm very pleased to share the very good news that I have released another hour-long instructional DVD with Interweave.  The subject of this DVD is stamp making.  Notice that I put emphasis on the word "making."  This is not a DVD solely about stamp carving.  This DVD covers a variety of techniques for making stamps -- many with foam.

Here's a little sampling from the DVD:

And here's an interview that Cloth Paper Scissors Editor, Jenn Mason, did with me:

I've gotten a few questions from people as to the difference between this DVD and my online class, "Stamp Carving 101."  Essentially, the DVD covers a wider range of stamp making possibilities while the class focuses intently on the art of stamp carving.

The DVD is available both as a physical DVD and as an downloadable file -- either a regular video file or and HD video file.

I do receive a small percentage of the sale if you purchase through my blog, so if you're going to make a purchase, I would appreciate it if you'd use the links below.  Thank you!

Buy Julie's Stamp Making Adventures:

 DVD ($19.95)
Download in HD ($16.95)
Download ($14.95)

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