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Gorgeous-ness from the Balzer Designs flickr Group

You guys rock!  You've been posting so much impressive gorgeous-ness in the Balzer Designs flickr pool.  Here is just a sampling of the inspiration you can find if you click through to view the flickr group:

mumkaa using the Blazonry stencil:

image from
NolwennP using the Dashed Lines and Rain stencils:

image from
assicrafts using the Triangle stencil:

image from
Martha Richardson using a stamp from the Circles set:

JJSobey using the Dashed Lines, Clouds, and Herringbone stencils:

Ravenea using the Clouds stencil:

image from
jessica.sporn using the Blazonry stencil (to create the trees across the bottom of the page):

zoegakatten using the Blazonry stencil:

image from
Chantalyon using the Lotus Blossom Stencil:

image from
loolabelle using the Peacock Feathers stencil:

image from
SherriP eh using the Fragmented Flower, Punchinella, Dashed Lines, Triangle, and Peacock Feathers stencils:

image from
Teresa Jaye using the Peacock Feathers and Punchinella stencils:

image from
willy anderson using the Rain stencil:

image from
 Anneke De Clerck using the Pointy Circles stencil:

image from
azmoorefamily using the Chevron stencil:

image from

suescrapsjames using the Leaf Frame stencil:

image from
Mariank 1982 using the Flower Frame stencil:

image from
Be sure to check out all the beautiful scrapbook pages, cards, tags, art journal pages, and canvases in the flickr pool!

If you'd like to upload your own creation, but aren't sure how, watch this video:

How to Upload an Image to the Balzer Designs flickr Pool from Julie Balzer on Vimeo.

Also, if you're wondering if you used a stencil that I designed, you can see them all here.

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. Jeanne from Page Additions recently contacted me:

I’m happy to tell you that Page  now carries your stencils!  75 different Crafters Workshop stencils, each in both 12” x 12” & 6” x 6” for a total of 150 entries for Crafters Workshop stencils  went  up on our site today! We offer free shipping for orders over $50.00. 

We are running a special the more you buy the more you save:

Mix & Match Sale! The more you buy the more you save!

One 12" x 12" = $7.50
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Two = 5% Off
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Four = 15% Off
Five = 20% Off
Six or more = 25% off

Sounds like a great deal!