CHA Summer 2012 Stencil Peeks: Part Three
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CHA Summer 2012 Stencil Peeks: Part Four

As I mentioned for the last three days, I am debuting fifteen new stencil designs with The Crafter's Workshop this summer.  Here are the last four: 

These two tags use the "Numbers" stencil.

I always like the play of hard agains soft, so it's nice to have a strongly ordered stencil in contrast with my own messy hand.  I think it creates a lovely tension in what I create.

I also used the numbers stencil on this layout:

You can see that I used both the 6x6 and 12x12 sizes of the "Numbers" stencil along with the "Chevron Arrows" stencil:

Can you see the chevron pattern that the arrows create?  It gives the overall stencil a really nice rhythm.  Here's a size comparison for you of the 6x6 and 12x12 versions:

Use the stencil as an overall pattern, an individual line of arrows, or an individual arrow!


I used the 6x6 version of the "Curl Frame" on the layout above.

I like frame stencils because I often want stenciling around a journaling area and this way, I don't have to do the masking!  

If you ever wondered about stenciling over patterned paper, it looks awesome! I had a lot of fun with this layout:

It uses the "Stripes" stencil:

This is one of those stencils that I feel like is going to become a total utility stencil for me.  The kind of stencil I use all the time, because I love the individual parts and I love the overall pattern.

So, there you have it.  All fifteen new stencils!  I hope you see something you like and can't wait to have!

Thanks for stopping by!