CHA Summer 2012 Stencil Peeks: Part Two
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CHA Summer 2012 Stencil Peeks: Part Three

As I mentioned for the last two days, I am debuting fifteen new stencil designs with The Crafter's Workshop this summer.  Today I thought I'd share a peek at three stencils that have something in common:

This layout uses the "Mayan Calendar" stencil.

I love circles.  In fact, circles are what all three of today's stencils have in common!  When you see them all, I think you'll agree that each one has its own personality.  The Mayan Calendar is a wonderfully strong graphic, mixing hard lined squares and rectangles with soft and round circles.

This layout uses the aptly named "Doily" stencil.

This is a cut-out stencil, meaning it is NOT a square.  The black line on the image above indicates the cut-out line of the stencil, just like a real doily.  I designed this doily from scratch, carefully placing each little opening just so.  I don't use any stock images in my designs.  Everything is created by hand!  That's how you know that you'll never see this design anywhere else!

The second doily design is a little more art deco and I call it the "Bug Doily."

I probably should have found a more elegant name, but the scarab-like shapes in the petals of this doily immediately brought the word bug to my lips.  Like the "Doily" stencil, the "Bug Doily" stencil is a cut-out.  That scallopy black line is the edge of the stencil.  However, unlike the "Doily" stencil, the "Bug Doily" does not have an empty center, which probably means it isn't a doily.  But let's just ignore that fact, okay?

So there you go, three circle-related stencils!  So far we've looked at eleven stencils.  That means there are four more amazing stencils that we haven't yet discussed!  Look for them tomorrow!

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